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Fairies WorldAutumn Cat
©Myrea pettit
One of a series of cat and flower images designed and sold as print and ceramics by Myrea_Pettit©

Myrea's 'Art Project' Contribution

8th Sept 2009, Myrea will represent Fairies, Angels, Healing, Fantasy Art and more on London's Fourth Plinth Antony Gormley Art Project by Myrea_Pettit©

The Messenger (detail)
Myrea Pettit

There in front of her is one of natures endangered species the Cinnamon Humming Bird with its guardian Cinnamon Fairy and creatures that give soul to childhood and a belief that shines brightly, reflecting in her eyes.  It is the moment of pure magic, of a true connection to the energies of Mother Earth and nature itself, and as any good fairy lover knows, full moon or a Solstice are prime times to perchance upon the faeries by Myrea_Pettit©