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The Faery Ball October 2006

Cornwall, the peninsular of land at the south west corner of England stretching to Lands End at it furthest tip, has for thousands of years held the spiritual secrets of the Small People these include the thieving and mischievous Spriggans, the good and kind household Brownies, the tricky Piskeys and the wicked Knockers, sprites of the tin mines found in Cornwall.

Faery Ball, Cornwall

Not since the reformation at the end of the fifteenth century when the fairies were supposed to have departed this land of Celtic mystery has been seen the like of such Faery calling to this merry meet, as there one and all descended on magical Penzance for a night of faery revelry and mystic festivities at the Acorn Theatre (click here for location map)

From far and wide, Buccas, Kobbals Duergars, Trolls, Elves, Witches, Wizards Sprites, Sylphs, Sirens, Mermaids, Angels, Satyrs, Spriggans arrived from their cairns, quoits, beneath cromlechs, hidden in burrows and from under detached stones, huge Giants and ant sized Muryans led by Pixies from nearby Dartmoor who had encouraged music from the Woodland of the United States ably supported by the singing talent of The Daughters of Gaia.

Out came the Fairies adorned in their colourful finery, feel here the breeze of their glorious wings on your cheeks and the love and light of their company.

The Faeries will return soon, keep looking out for them .

Random images from the Faery Ball

Uploaded: 19th Oct 2006

Little Fairies
Aimee and Friend

Little Fairies
Uploaded: 1st Nov 2006

I live literally at the ends of the earth in magical mystical Cornwall. I love the sea and lush green nature. The stunning scenery inspires my music and meditations. I love to create and express myself using my voice. I hope you will enjoy my creations". ~ Karen Kay

Karen Kay
Uploaded: 2nd Mar 2009

Click here for more photos from the Faery Ball

Faery Ball Video Clip

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