Fairies World Featured Books - Republished

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Fairiesworld have just received from Collins and Brown (Anova) the Dec 2011 republished advance softback edition copies of the ‘Art of Faery’ and ’The World of Faery’ the colors look more vibrant this time round, guess that is down to paper stock and publishing improvements.There is a whole world of memories and a decade of development in between. What is so special is that these books introduced to the new millennium, a new world of artists who have since found prominence, fame and fortune and ten years later David Riché’s vision supported with forewords by Brian Froud and Alan Lee, is now worldwide for John Arthur, Julie Baroh, Jasmine Becket, Linda Biggs, Amy Brown, Hazel Brown, James Browne, Jacqueline Collen-Tarrolly, David Delamare, Maxine Gadd, Jessica Galbreth, Marja Lee Kruyt, Myrea Pettit, Natalia Pierandrei, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, Linda Ravenscroft, Paulina Cassidy, Ryuichi Takeuchi, Kim Turner, Maria J William, Renee Biertempfel, Scott Grimando, Virginia Lee, Marc Potts, Corey J Randall, Wenche Skjondal, Jeff Spackman, Jane Sullivan, Josephine Wall, and the late Ann Mari Sjogren.

All are still bound together and have led and encouraged others to join what is a world wide interest that now covers , Music and song, festivals, exhibitions, conferences, other individual books, cards, calendars, figurines and all sorts of licensed craft merchandise, and with some great individual successes that can only be supportive to encourage new artistic talent and understanding of environmental protection of flora and fauna. Long may it continue!