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Latest Additions:

This lovely Deer woman cradles a fawn in her arms. She is a part of the fae world and is its protector and nurturer. She lives in an invisible world that coexists with the world of humans. Only those who believe in her can truly see her.

* Special thanks to Michelle Stephanie Banzer for being the stunning model and inspiration for this painting.

Deer Sidhe
Uploaded: 5th Jul 2016

The sweet little Dormouse from Alice in Wonderland sits inside a Victorian teapot sipping at his magical tea. My newest addition to my very popular Alice in Wonderland series. Scattered across the table you can see tea cakes, petit fours, teacups, playing cards and truffles. Perfect for your unbirthday celebration.

Uploaded: 5th Jul 2016

Want a little funk with that faerie? This punk rock inspired faery is jamming to the music on her headphones. Its about time we see some more modern fairies about us. I have created a series of this urban fairies and this one has a lovely companion. 
*Special thanks to Faestock for the photo reference. http://faestock.deviantart.com/

Duet 1 - Music Fairy
Uploaded: 5th Jul 2016

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