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Please Contact Fairies World if you are an artist and have fairy or fantasy artwork that you would like to see in the Fairies World Galleries.

თავფურცელი > Sculpted Dolls and Fantasy Models
კატეგორიები ალბომები ფაილები
Figurative Art Unique 3 Dimensional FantasySpecialising Artists whose work is one of a kind often using combinations of vintage or antique materials. Highly desirable unique and collectable pieces. Prices for an original start around about US$ 250.00 and rise to US$ 7500.00 and sometimes more...

3 20

Hanni Sarris


figurative fairy art, original one-of-a-kinds in paper clay. Teacher for sculpting fairies, mermaids, babies, holds seminars and sells everything for the dollmaker and beginner of sculpting, sells though her website and through shows.

ფაილი: 8. ბოლო: 13 აგვ, 2006

Julie Mansergh


ფაილი: 5. ბოლო: 14 აგვ, 2006

Kat Soto

ფაილი: 0

Lisa Lichtenfels


ფაილი: 3. ბოლო: 14 აგვ, 2006



ფაილი: 27. ბოლო: 14 აგვ, 2006

Marilyn Radzat


Marilyn Radzat has been creating original one-of-a-kinds in polymere clay art in the figure form for over 25 years transforming the sculpted piece with layers of fabric, nature's elements, and found objects, crystals and semi precious stones as embellisments. She is a storyteller, and has done individual sculpting retreats with Gail Lackey on Hawaii in the past.
Creator of the highly sought "Maryhoonies" which are sold worldwide through Galleries and fine doll art shops.

ფაილი: 13. ბოლო: 14 აგვ, 2006

Patricia Rose


figurative fairy art, original one-of-a-kind miniatures in polymer clay and porcelain in small and big limited editions. Teacher for sculpting fairies, mermaids, babies, and Ladies on DVD.
Sells everything for the dollmaker and the beginner of sculpting
through her website, Ebay and doll shops worldwide.

ფაილი: 15. ბოლო: 15 აგვ, 2006

Stephanie Blyth

Fairies and Ladies, small editions or one-of-a-kinds in fine porcelain, sold worldwide through Galleries and fine doll art shops

ფაილი: 0

Susan Snodgrass

Fairies and Ladies, small editions or one-of-a-kinds in fine porcelain sold worldwide through Galleries and fine doll art shops.

ფაილი: 0

Virginia Lee


ფაილი: 4. ბოლო: 10 ნოე, 2006

10 ალბომი 1 გვერდზე

შემთხვევითი ფაილები - Sculpted Dolls and Fantasy Models
Aspiration©ნახვა: 4042
Fairy Goblin Godmother & Ms Pennythistle©ნახვა: 3041
Winter Fairies©Exclusive Collectable Dollsნახვა: 2605
Tom the rhymer and Moonlight Fairy©Exclusive collectable Dollნახვა: 1869
The Family at Table©Exclusive Collectable Dollsნახვა: 2187
Treasure©ნახვა: 1168

ბოლო დამატებები - Sculpted Dolls and Fantasy Models
Tree Girl Sculpture©ნახვა: 1228410 ნოე, 2006
Snake Woman©ნახვა: 771610 ნოე, 2006
A Call in the Night©ნახვა: 371910 ნოე, 2006
Fat Butterfly (close up)©ნახვა: 310710 ნოე, 2006
ნახვა: 127519 ოქტ, 2006
Kobbolds Tea Party©Exclusive collectable dollsნახვა: 234819 აგვ, 2006
Trolls with a Faery©Exclusive collectable Dollsნახვა: 716617 აგვ, 2006
Nanny Troll & Miss Pennythistle©Exclusive collectable Dollნახვა: 185317 აგვ, 2006

The Artists of Fairies World® are Available for Commissions
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