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Please Contact Fairies World if you are an artist and have fairy or fantasy artwork that you would like to see in the Fairies World Galleries.

Последни коментари
Baby Blue Fairy1469 пъти видяна22/01/11 в 13:11Freyeesha: I love all your work
Carrina Spice Faery3522 пъти видяна09/05/09 в 08:02Ora Moon: I absolutely adore Daniel Merriam’s work, this pai...
Shadows3071 пъти видяна23/02/09 в 07:54Rita Ria: WONDERFUL work
Remembrance©2616 пъти видяна22/02/09 в 13:46Rita Ria: wonderful charming work
Team Work1514 пъти видяна22/02/09 в 08:38Rita Ria: Renee, this is soooo beautiful - just love it!!
Autumn Rose1808 пъти видяна17/02/09 в 13:48Rita Ria: your work is very charming
Air Fairy2139 пъти видяна17/02/09 в 13:47Rita Ria: I really like this
A Gift For You1912 пъти видяна25/01/09 в 17:47mariamurphy: Beautiful work !!!
When Good Fairies Go Bad1117 пъти видяна25/01/09 в 17:44mariamurphy: AWESOME !!
The Green Wood1373 пъти видяна25/01/09 в 17:39mariamurphy: Beautiful !!!!!!!
Wedding Garden Faery©2787 пъти видяна28/12/08 в 19:18moontoefairy: Beautiful Work! I love the looseness and your affe...
Autumn Leaf Fairy©10166 пъти видяна03/09/08 в 13:50JennaLynn: gorgeous work, as always, Linda
Baby Blue Fairy1469 пъти видяна31/08/08 в 23:23fairiesw:
1690 пъти видяна13/06/08 в 18:30CherrieB: great work Jean, love the hedgehog and the cart
Cancer©6267 пъти видяна12/05/08 в 06:19SusanR: Love all the sparkle and detail is just amazing!
Aquarius©9287 пъти видяна12/05/08 в 06:14SusanR: One of my favourites!
Virgo©6335 пъти видяна12/05/08 в 06:12SusanR: Divine, love all of your works!
Caterpillar©6534 пъти видяна12/05/08 в 06:08SusanR: so sweet.
Dragons Birth©19499 пъти видяна01/02/08 в 12:03justal: test
Maiden and the Unicorn©2164 пъти видяна17/11/07 в 09:49Sharon Borden NY: I wanted to rate "unicorn Maiden" a 5 bu...
Fairy Bathing3672 пъти видяна08/11/07 в 21:18fairiesw: Fairy Soap customer maybe?
Wizards and Fairies1669 пъти видяна05/11/07 в 10:12justal: TEst
Forest Sprite©5464 пъти видяна18/10/07 в 04:16SusanR: One of my favourites of Maxine's work
Night Journey©4979 пъти видяна18/10/07 в 04:15SusanR: so magical.
Chrysella©5766 пъти видяна18/10/07 в 04:14SusanR: Maxine Gadd is one of my favourite Artists, her wo...
Epiphyllum©1980 пъти видяна17/10/07 в 13:49JennaLynn: Sweetly done
Forest Dragon©2438 пъти видяна17/10/07 в 13:42JennaLynn: Brilliant work, Suzanne!
Halloween©1351 пъти видяна13/10/07 в 02:01dlindsey: love it.
Spirit of the Autumn©1339 пъти видяна13/10/07 в 01:59dlindsey: Claudia, what beautiful work. You have another fa...
Dreamtree©3679 пъти видяна30/09/07 в 03:12JennaLynn: another favorite
Feathers©4200 пъти видяна30/09/07 в 03:09JennaLynn: Beautiful softness!
Red_angel.jpg4725 пъти видяна14/09/07 в 10:59Rita Ria: Wonderful work - love the hair!
Fairy Wedding of the Year2959 пъти видяна01/09/07 в 14:29dlindsey: Congratulations! A real fairytale wedding. So lov...
Jessie©3250 пъти видяна01/09/07 в 14:16dlindsey: I visited your website, and have to tell you, your...
Ice cream Conjuror©3109 пъти видяна01/09/07 в 03:16dlindsey: love this one of the sweetest concepts I've se...
Argent Fairy4867 пъти видяна31/08/07 в 08:21Rita Ria: Lovely work
Merlin the Magician©2272 пъти видяна29/08/07 в 15:27Rita Ria: Carrie, I love this work!
Forest Dragon©2438 пъти видяна27/08/07 в 07:34Rita Ria: Be autiful artwork!
Green attitude©1788 пъти видяна20/08/07 в 21:35fairiesw: i'm green with envy!
Coronation©2993 пъти видяна14/08/07 в 09:46Rita Ria: beautiful work!
Flow©2232 пъти видяна10/08/07 в 19:23ambientarts: thank you
Dawn Magic©2000 пъти видяна10/08/07 в 06:43Rita Ria: LOVELY
2230 пъти видяна02/08/07 в 13:33Rita Ria: James, this is adorable!
Ayla©2536 пъти видяна02/08/07 в 13:32Rita Ria: Hi, Renee, nice to see your work here, too!
Sagittarius©2205 пъти видяна02/08/07 в 11:55Rita Ria: THis is beautiful
Flow©2232 пъти видяна02/08/07 в 11:54Rita Ria: lovely work
Myrea's Fairy Wedding continues in Alhambra Granada Spain2716 пъти видяна02/08/07 в 11:53Rita Ria: All the best -you look so happy. Wish you both tha...
Sugarplum4623 пъти видяна20/07/07 в 06:11Rita Ria: I love this one, Renee!
Showing her the Way©9092 пъти видяна19/07/07 в 06:48Rita Ria: Simply breathtaking
Pisces©11545 пъти видяна19/07/07 в 06:48Rita Ria: I just love this piece! it looks so very elegant a...
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