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Please Contact Fairies World if you are an artist and have fairy or fantasy artwork that you would like to see in the Fairies World Galleries.

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הערות אחרונות - Fairy and Fantasy Art
Carrina Spice Faery3177 צפיות09/05/09 ב09:02Ora Moon: I absolutely adore Daniel Merriam’s work, this pai...
Shadows2795 צפיות23/02/09 ב08:54Rita Ria: WONDERFUL work
Remembrance©2401 צפיות22/02/09 ב14:46Rita Ria: wonderful charming work
Wedding Garden Faery©2570 צפיות28/12/08 ב20:18moontoefairy: Beautiful Work! I love the looseness and your affe...
1499 צפיות13/06/08 ב19:30CherrieB: great work Jean, love the hedgehog and the cart
Caterpillar©6293 צפיות12/05/08 ב07:08SusanR: so sweet.
Dragons Birth©19174 צפיות01/02/08 ב13:03justal: test
Forest Sprite©5243 צפיות18/10/07 ב05:16SusanR: One of my favourites of Maxine's work
Night Journey©4776 צפיות18/10/07 ב05:15SusanR: so magical.
Chrysella©5409 צפיות18/10/07 ב05:14SusanR: Maxine Gadd is one of my favourite Artists, her wo...
Epiphyllum©1761 צפיות17/10/07 ב14:49JennaLynn: Sweetly done
Forest Dragon©2194 צפיות17/10/07 ב14:42JennaLynn: Brilliant work, Suzanne!
Dreamtree©3414 צפיות30/09/07 ב04:12JennaLynn: another favorite
Feathers©3891 צפיות30/09/07 ב04:09JennaLynn: Beautiful softness!
Ice cream Conjuror©2835 צפיות01/09/07 ב04:16dlindsey: love this one of the sweetest concepts I've se...
Merlin the Magician©1916 צפיות29/08/07 ב16:27Rita Ria: Carrie, I love this work!
Forest Dragon©2194 צפיות27/08/07 ב08:34Rita Ria: Be autiful artwork!
Coronation©2790 צפיות14/08/07 ב10:46Rita Ria: beautiful work!
Dawn Magic©1719 צפיות10/08/07 ב07:43Rita Ria: LOVELY
1984 צפיות02/08/07 ב14:33Rita Ria: James, this is adorable!
Sugarplum4398 צפיות20/07/07 ב07:11Rita Ria: I love this one, Renee!
Showing her the Way©8793 צפיות19/07/07 ב07:48Rita Ria: Simply breathtaking
Pisces©11219 צפיות19/07/07 ב07:48Rita Ria: I just love this piece! it looks so very elegant a...
A world in good hands©5459 צפיות13/07/07 ב07:35Rita Ria: Very beautiful, Jasmine!
When Water Takes to Air©2204 צפיות10/07/07 ב10:52Roberta: really great tom!!!
The Summons ©2379 צפיות10/07/07 ב10:52Roberta: wonderful......nothing to say more !!!
In the Garden©2911 צפיות03/07/07 ב12:40Roberta: bellissima....come tutte le altre !
Duncan©3645 צפיות03/07/07 ב12:19Roberta: nice nice nice and very sweet
Siren of the Sea©3786 צפיות29/05/07 ב09:10Rita Ria: Charming work!
Highwire©2631 צפיות19/05/07 ב19:33Rita Ria: so very cute!
Duncan©3645 צפיות09/05/07 ב18:03Rita Ria: James, I am just in love with your little dragon :...
Siobhan Faery©4155 צפיות22/04/07 ב12:51Rita Ria: Ora, so good to see your lovely art here, too!
Honeysuckle Web©3561 צפיות16/04/07 ב12:49Rita Ria: Liza, this is amazing - love it
Faery Queen©2579 צפיות16/04/07 ב08:31Rita Ria: lovely work
Inebriate of Air©4867 צפיות12/04/07 ב16:37Rita Ria: Natalia, this is so very beautiful!! :X
Cobweb©5201 צפיות11/04/07 ב17:21Rita Ria: David, I just love your work, its magical and so c...
white zinfandel4479 צפיות11/04/07 ב10:50Rita Ria: This is so wonderful - like ALL your work
Moon Petal©12245 צפיות22/03/07 ב17:25Rita Ria: this is so charming
The New World©6030 צפיות24/12/06 ב00:55fairiesw: Breathtaking, this is amazing you've captured ...
All I want for Christmas©3979 צפיות12/11/06 ב15:16Rita Ria: Selina, this is tooo cute!
Tristan©4085 צפיות12/11/06 ב14:13Rita Ria: This is brilliant, Ciruelo!! Love it
Cello Spell©2764 צפיות29/10/06 ב08:07Rita Ria: Beautiful artwork!
Holly©6195 צפיות22/10/06 ב11:06Rita Ria: OOOOOOOOHHHH Juri - so very charming!
Song4283 צפיות15/10/06 ב15:57Rita Ria: Stephanie - sooo amazing!
Batling©2285 צפיות10/10/06 ב09:47Rita Ria: she is so cute
Diva©9238 צפיות08/10/06 ב15:04Rita Ria: so very beautiful!
Sea Tangle©7256 צפיות08/10/06 ב15:04Rita Ria: Maxine, never get tired to look at your fantastic ...
Chrysella©5409 צפיות07/10/06 ב17:55Rita Ria: I love it - wonderful color, composition and just ...
Elf Queen©7476 צפיות07/10/06 ב17:50Rita Ria: I just love this one, Maxine - so very enchanting!
Hide and Seek©5407 צפיות07/10/06 ב17:50Rita Ria: Fantastic work, Selina!
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