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Please Contact Fairies World if you are an artist and have fairy or fantasy artwork that you would like to see in the Fairies World Galleries.

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Last comments - Fairy and Fantasy Art
Spring©4890 views10/07/06 at 16:48Rita Ria: Maxine, this is so lovely!!!
Leaf©5207 views09/26/06 at 05:53Rita Ria: Selina, your work always amazeses and delights me!
Longing-ninfa©3090 views09/25/06 at 05:25Rita Ria: lovely work!
Wedding Bells©4025 views09/23/06 at 13:20Rita Ria: Ann - this is sooo very lovely
Sagittarius Fairy©10749 views09/21/06 at 15:27Rita Ria: BEautiful
January Queen©2974 views09/20/06 at 15:55Rita Ria: Such beautiful work!
Angel Wings©10508 views09/20/06 at 14:37Rita Ria: Just brilliant!
Goldfish©14005 views09/20/06 at 14:36Rita Ria: She is one of the most beautiful mermaids I have s...
The Faerie Suzanne©14455 views09/20/06 at 14:36Rita Ria: I love this painting for such a long time now
Ocean Fairy©16018 views09/20/06 at 14:35Rita Ria: Excellent drawing, Julie!! Love all your work
Dragon Fly©5821 views09/20/06 at 10:45Rita Ria: Selina, you know how gorgeous this is!!
Winter Procession©4453 views09/18/06 at 05:57Rita Ria: so magical!
LunasSecrets©8436 views09/18/06 at 05:56Rita Ria: LOVE it
Yule Faery11317 views09/18/06 at 05:55Rita Ria: Jessica, this is fantastic!
Oshun African Goddess©16014 views09/18/06 at 05:54Rita Ria: beautiful work, Selina
Starlight©4370 views09/17/06 at 11:38Rita Ria: Judy - this is so fantastic
Cherry Blossom Fairy©10986 views09/17/06 at 11:37Rita Ria: so lovely
Peony Fairy©4338 views09/17/06 at 11:37Rita Ria: Beautiful artwork!
Midnight Watcher©9989 views09/17/06 at 10:45Rita Ria: I recognize your work right from the thumbnail - g...
Snail Riding Fairy1439 views09/15/06 at 15:04Rita Ria: ha ha ha - so lovely
Thistle©3418 views09/15/06 at 13:26Rita Ria: Hazel, this is such a charming and brilliant paint...
Mermaid_and_ChildII©6360 views09/15/06 at 08:20Rita Ria: love it!
Mermaid_and_Merman©6837 views09/15/06 at 08:20Rita Ria: breathtaking work
twilight in the temple of the moon©28065 views09/15/06 at 07:30Rita Ria: Amy, just FANTASTIC
The Doormouse©15089 views09/15/06 at 07:02Rita Ria: most wonderful work, Amy!
Myrthal©6674 views09/15/06 at 06:45Rita Ria: Julie - just so very fantastic!
Finn©1833 views09/15/06 at 05:04Rita Ria: beautiful artwork, Kim!
Tattoed Mermaid©5830 views09/14/06 at 13:36Rita Ria: brilliant painting - love it
Ivy©1952 views09/14/06 at 09:18Rita Ria: so cute
Nouveau Mermaid Water©5783 views09/14/06 at 08:50Rita Ria: like usual - another fantastic painting
Bright Skies©4374 views09/14/06 at 06:07Rita Ria: BRILLIANT ARTWORK
Darkwaters©4351 views09/14/06 at 06:06Rita Ria: Selina, this is one ojf my faves from your work - ...
Daisy©4764 views09/14/06 at 06:05Rita Ria: so charming!
Little Nell©12864 views09/14/06 at 05:45Rita Ria: I loveed this work since the very first time I saw...
Shadows Faery©6731 views09/14/06 at 05:41Rita Ria: Jessica, she is beautiful!!
Music of the Spheres©6950 views09/13/06 at 19:31Rita Ria: Just fantastic!
Fairy Flautist©2116 views09/13/06 at 19:30Rita Ria: Lovely work, Suzanne
Moon Mermaid©7571 views09/13/06 at 12:40Rita Ria: I lvoe your work
Mer Angel©4193 views09/13/06 at 12:40Rita Ria: TOP work
Fairy Godmother©15061 views09/13/06 at 12:02Rita Ria: She is so fantastic!
kokuyouseki©2872 views09/13/06 at 08:40Rita Ria: wonderful style
Faery Glen©5035 views09/13/06 at 08:09Rita Ria: +++++++++++++++
California Poppy©6246 views09/13/06 at 08:09Rita Ria: Mere, she is so fantastic!
The_Curious_Deep©4918 views09/13/06 at 08:07Rita Ria: Your work is outstanding!!!
Princess of the Blue Rose©1827 views09/13/06 at 07:56Rita Ria: I first saw your work in a fairy book - and love i...
Witchy Woman©2431 views09/13/06 at 07:12Rita Ria: James - so charming - love it - like all your work...
Galadriel©4012 views09/13/06 at 07:08Rita Ria: I am in love with this painting - its so elegant a...
Melusina4412 views09/13/06 at 07:07Rita Ria: Really lovely
Sun Faerie©2317 views09/13/06 at 06:50Rita Ria: She is charming!!
Lion Tiger Girl©2150 views08/11/06 at 07:47fairiesw:
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