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Please Contact Fairies World if you are an artist and have fairy or fantasy artwork that you would like to see in the Fairies World Galleries.

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Legújabb hozászólás - Sculpted Dolls and Fantasy Models
Jessie©3253 Megtekintés07.09.01 14:16 kordlindsey: I visited your website, and have to tell you, your...
Recording Angel©2867 Megtekintés07.03.28 12:11 korRita Ria: LOVELY work
Jessie©3253 Megtekintés07.03.28 12:11 korRita Ria: JUst visited your homepage an am amazed by your ar...
Deena©2984 Megtekintés06.09.23 13:23 korRita Ria: Patricia - this is BEAUTIFUL
Show Girl©3830 Megtekintés06.09.14 05:48 korRita Ria: your work is BRILLIANT
The Seductive Sea©6112 Megtekintés06.09.14 05:47 korRita Ria: FANTASTIC
The Beauty of a Butterfly©7078 Megtekintés06.09.14 05:46 korRita Ria: Lorlei, this is one of the very best sculputes I h...
Treasure©2023 Megtekintés06.09.13 12:39 korRita Ria: so charming
Treasure Mermaid 2©4621 Megtekintés06.09.13 07:56 korRita Ria: very charming
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The Artists of Fairies World® are Available for Commissions
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