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©John Arthur by John_Arthur

Aquarius Fairy
©Jessica Galbreth
Surrounded by her corresponding colors
of turquoise, electric blue and indigo, the Aquarius 
Fairy stands beneath her ruling planet Uranus. With 
the Aquarian symbol tattooed on her arm, she cups 
water in her hands and lets it pour gently down. An 
Aquamarine pendant, the official gemstone of this
Zodiac sign, dangles from her waist as orchids, 
one of the Aquarian flowers, frame this piece.

Aquarius Symbolism
Ruling Planet: Uranus 
Element: Air
Symbol:Pouring Waters
Flower: Orchid
Colors: Turquoise, Electric Blue, Indigo 
Gemstone: Aquamarine 
Traits: Original, Independent
 by Jessica_Galbreth©

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