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Anansi and Sweep a Dark Skinned Fairy

This completed dark skin fairy image, which is stunning, will appear in the forthcoming book 'World of Faery' by David Riché, foreword by Alan Lee to be published by Paper Tiger September 2005.

Sweep Copyright© 2005 Fairies WorldThis delightful picture in pen and Karisma color pencil is the result of many requests for a dark skinned fairy. Of course it may be easy to draw a dark skin fairy but first you have to see one, and as yet Myrea has not, nor indeed have many visionary Faery artists. Folkore does not take account of today’s resettlement and integration of populations and of second and third generation children of differing cultures seeking to find their fairies.

This little pixie called Sweep comes close with Anansi the spider, (below) a popular folklore figure in parts of West Africa, stories which later came with slaves to the Caribbean islands.

Anansi Copyright© 2005 Fairies WorldLike Brer Rabbit in America, Anansi is a 'trickster' figure - clever, cunning, mischievous sometimes – he uses his wits to make up for what he lacks in size and strength, though here he seems to want to help, he is known to be very clever, sharp, and tricky using his mind to outsmart others, normally to find short cuts or to get others to do his dirty work for him.

Myrea’s arachnophobia, an inordinate fear of spiders shows clearly in her delightful image of Anansi. For Myrea all spiders are enormous even the harmless Harvestman (Leiobunum Rotundum) not a real spider, but having eight legs and a 3mm oval shaped body and two eyes in the middle of their head looking sideways, is a threat .


Anansi and A Dark Skin Fairy
Anansi the Spider Copyright© 2005 Fairies World
Artist: Myrea Pettit
Anansi and Sweep
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