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Elf Poem

As I walked soft, in Ravenswood,
through light and dappled shade.
A tall old oak, in sunlight stood,
within this forest glade.

And taking time, to sit and watch,
beside the rattling stream.
A sight so wondrous did I catch,
I feared it was a dream.

For there within the clearing round,
beneath the guardian tree,
danced Elfin children o’er the ground,
in laughter, wild and free.

In awe and wonder, did I stay,
transfixed upon this sight,
till sunlight slowly ebbed away,
fading into night.

Then at once the laughter stopped,
and in the children’s ring.
In moonlight bathed, with crown atop.
There sat the Elfin King.

His robes of silk, were spider-spun,
his crown was burnished gold.
His emerald eyes, so clear and young,
at once so wise and old.

As the children pranced around.
He watched them at their play,
their laughter as a wind-bell sound,
as though heard far away.

My time had come to leave this place,
and quiet did I rise,
but Elfin ears had heard my pace.
I was caught by Elfin eyes.

Again at once the laughter ceased.
The glade in silence, fell.
My guilt, unbound was now released,
in shame, I’d broke this spell.

The King in silence held my stare,
and fixed me where I stood.
His eyes, with anger, did not glare.
In sadness, now leaked tears of blood.

He rose, I fell down to the ground.
At his feet to kneel.
He came to me without a sound.
His wrath I knew I’d feel.

My hands he took, and had me rise,
to look into his face.
He smiled at me with his emerald eyes,
as tears of blood ran down apace.

A single tear fell to my palm.
My hand then, he did fold,
and from his finger gave me a charm,
a ring of purest gold.

He pointed then, the path to take,
to leave this forest dell.
I promised him a vow I’d make,
about this place I’d never tell.

My hand I opened, I stared in awe,
my heart began to sing.
For there upon my palm I saw,
a Gold and Ruby ring

Copyright© 2005 Tony Wraight
January 2005

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