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A Fairy Poem

One day whilst walking out in the wood, in a fairy ring I stood.
They came and took me away to dine and feast.
It was breath-taking to say the least.

They took me to their secret bower,
There stood an ivy covered tower. I went inside and my oh my! About a
thousand fairies were flitting by!

Fairies Dancing, Fairies sleeping. Fairies Smiling, Fairies weeping.
Fairies Frolicking, Fairies eating. Fairies sighing, Fairies Greeting.
Then the servants of queen Rosa the third, Arrived flying on an eagle-like

Their dresses yellow as saffron, emerald green, stepped aside to show the

'Come fly with me' She said to me.
We flew over the tallest tree!
Then she flew with me back to my very own bed. She stroked my hair and
kissed my head.
'Since it won't happen again treasure this night.'
And off she Flew into the night.

With special thanks to Matilda, East Sussex

Copyright© 2005 Matilda

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