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Andy Duroe

Swiss Version Swiss Version (German) Swiss Version Swiss Version (French)

Short Autobography from Andy Duroe

Andy Duroe Andy Duroe was born in England in 1962.

“At the age of thirty I woke up one day, jumped in my car and besides my guitar and a few clothes I left all my worldly possessions behind. I then went to the jewellers and bought a gold watch and had it inscribed ‘Happy Retirement, Love from the Fairies’ for by this time I was hooked on Fairies.I spent many years travelling as a musician and artist and eventually settled on the in Switzerland close to the German border.

For 10 years now I have been painting fairies, experimenting with many mediums, watercolour, oils, acrylic, chocolate, sparrow eggs, red wine, and even photography.

My main aim is to capture the true organic nature of Fairies. There is nothing that turns me on more than seeing a nice ripe toadstool sprouting out of an acorn on a fresh misty morning.

Last year I started my web site Fairy Dome and now my work is getting recognition and being published, and I have inquiries for images from manufacturers and my own range of cards and posters being planned. I am also working on my own book of photographing fairies, it is based on my own collection with information how to find and photograph them, with stories from my travels of the magic of the Fairy World.”

Andy Duroe
May 2005

Andy Duroe will appear in the new book "500 Faery Motifs"

Visit the web site of artist Andy Duroe at The Fairy Dome

NeomiHi David,

I'm glad you like the painting, i just like to let you know that your work is much appreciated. my daughter is called Noemi, she is also thrilled to bits to be in a book, two of the pictures in the motifs book are from her.


Noemi, the artist's beautiful daughter who loves to model for his paintings, two of which have been published in 500 Fairy Motifs

Copyright© 2005 Andy Duroe Copyright© 2005 Andy Duroe

Painted in Acrylic on wood , Vesps are "leaping fairies" normally found in wild meadows or woodland.

Barnet is a Norwegian Pixie painted in Acrylics on wood.
Copyright© 2005 Andy Duroe Copyright© 2005 Andy Duroe
Acrylic on wood, some fairies can get quite upset when disturbed unwillingly.

Spider weaver
Hand painted acrylic on wood, inspired by a beautiful lady from the black forest in Germany, whom i had the pleasure to spend a large part of my life with.

Copyright© 2005 Andy Duroe Copyright© 2005 Andy Duroe
Acrylic and air brush, magflogs steel through the night retrieving crystals and paraphernalia from "moguls" who misuse them.
H and painted acrylic on stretch canvas, inspired by Anna, a beautiful fairy lady i met at the rainbow festival in France 2003

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