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Tom Cross Image Copyright© 2005 Tom Cross Tom Cross Image Copyright© 2005 Tom Cross Tom Cross Image Copyright© 2005 Tom Cross
Tom Cross Image Copyright© 2005 Tom Cross Tom Cross Image Copyright© 2005 Tom Cross Tom Cross Image Copyright© 2005 Tom Cross
Tom Cross Image Copyright© 2005 Tom Cross Tom Cross Image Copyright© 2005 Tom Cross Tom Cross Image Copyright© 2005 Tom Cross
Tom Cross

Ever recognising the contributions of great artists whose creative imagination and work has made a major contribution to Fairy and Fantasy images world wide, Fairies World® is proud to present the work of Tom Cross.

Not only has Tom worked wonders with his Wizards and his Fairies but he discovered in January 2004 that as a non smoker he has lung cancer. We are consciously aware of similar illnesses within our artists fairy circle and the outpouring of love, prayers and support from so many of us has lifted the spirits of our patients as they undergo their treatment, giving strength for them to help others.

Those reading this please see the links to where great help and comfort and support is at hand. Tom is a tower of strength his story is below, we wish him continued success with his artistic achievements and in his fight with cancer for himself and for so many others.


An artist, author, and designer, Tom is known worldwide for his lighthearted, yet thought-provoking glimpses into the aspects of nature that are so often overlooked-its lore, its myth, and its legends. His art is well known through its publication as limited edition art prints by the prestigious Mill Pond Press and in numerous books, including his creation, FAIRY GARDEN: Fairies of the Four Seasons and the popular THE WAY OF WIZARDS, which he wrote and illustrated. His work appears on many different licensed products such as puzzles, greeting cards, posters and collectible products. It has been exhibited worldwide, including the recently completed European touring exhibit, IMAGES FROM MIDDLE-EARTH, which attracted some 30,000 spectators in Rome. Tom also holds the distinction of being perhaps the only officially sworn in expert witness - on faeries mind you - in a multi-million dollar lawsuit and jury trial in California that has, as of this writing, been in and out of the courts since 1999.

A nationally recognized specialist in the study of coastal barrier island ecology, Tom Cross has contributed his talents to the likes of the Cousteau Society, the EPA and the Conservation Foundation. A longtime resident of the Sarasota area, Tom Cross lives in Osprey, FL with his wife, Patti, and their daughter, Amber.


"Never a smoker, I was shocked at age 49 with the January 2004 diagnosis of terminal lung cancer. Through dogged determination and research, the support of friends and family, an acceptance of complementary and alternative treatments, and essential medical expertise from near and far, a daunting fight for survival holds hope.

Much has been learned through this experience about the human condition - the compassion of friends and strangers alike, the strength of will, the power of positive thinking and the camaraderie found in a common cause to overcome a formidable foe that afflicts so many, yet is so misunderstood.

Every year lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the United States--more than 160,000 deaths per year; more than breast, colon and prostate cancer combined. Concurrently, 178,000 new cases are diagnosed annually, at least half of which are too late for curative therapy. 30% of all lung cancer cases are non-smokers, with a growing number of "never-smokers" now being identified with the disease Lung cancer, because of the stigma of being a self-inflicted disease, receives some of the lowest research and treatment funding of all cancers. Statistics show $24,000 in research per breast cancer death and $1,800 per lung cancer death.

It is my hope that through my art, participation in lung cancer awareness activities that some small difference may be made to bring hope and someday a cure to this disease."


Diagnosed as an inoperable, stage IV case with little chances of surviving one year, his relentless determination and self-advocacy lead him to various major cancer centers, finally zeroing in on compelling evidence from clinical trials with targeted lung cancer drugs that showed promise for this "never-smoker" subset of lung cancer patients (defined as having smoked less than 100 cigarettes lifelong). There was little hope for a cure, but there was hope and a reasonable chance that the disease could be controlled and treated as a chronic condition.

After a novel protocol of the standard systemic chemotherapy complemented with the targeted daily pill, Iressa, and a regimen consisting of a carefully tailored diet, traditional Chinese herbs, acupuncture and other "outside the box" thinking, Tom had a complete response and was cancer-free as of July, 2004 - an unexpected but welcome result. He stayed on the Iressa pill, the alternative treatments, an array of supplements and accelerated his efforts on behalf of lung cancer research and education.

Much has been learned over the past year about lung cancer in never-smokers that may open doors for the entire lung cancer population, including the discovery of genetic mutations, that when present, may indicate a greater chance of response to the targeted therapy.

Unfortunately, as is so often the case with lung cancer, Tom's disease returned in April of 2005. An anxious 3 months of treatment-free tests, a lung biopsy, gene sequencing for the mutations (none were found) and exploration into possible clinical trials or more chemo ensued.

In July of 2005, part by design and part by happenchance, Tom decided to try Tarceva, another targeted pill. Tests 6 days later showed the disease diminishing - an unprecedented occurrence. Follow-up tests in Sept. '05 showed an amazing further diminishment of the cancer by 75% or more! All involved are happily befuddled.

Buoyed by yet another victory for chronic survival, Tom continues with his varied lung cancer advocacy tasks, including the Chronic Survival Tour art show and events (http://benefitshow05.tomcross-artist.com/), and ongoing work on the online registry he co-founded with fellow-patient Terri Hunziker, www.neversmokers.com.

Meanwhile, progress continues to be made in lung cancer treatment and Tom intends to be around to benefit from them . . . chronically.

Tom's updates can be found in his online journal and guestbook at http://www2.caringbridge.org/fl/tomcross/

Tom Cross
941-966-3843 FL home
941-928-5234 cell
607-692-4636 NY home

Never Smokers lung cancer site:

My cancer survival journal site:

My art and business site:


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