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Fairy Information

This section of Fairies World® provides information and background on various aspects of fairies and fantasy creatures
Please use the links below for further information

Fairy, Faery, Fairie and Fay Spellings and meanings

faery vs. fairy, both spellings have historical roots and it seems to me that it's simply a matter of individual preference.

Read more on the spelling of 'fairy' »

Fairy Names

The meaning and origins of fairy names from around the world.

Go to Fairy names »

Elements and Spirits

The classification of Elements, Spirits and other mythical and fantasy beings.

Go to Elements and Spirits »

Famous Fairies

This important section of Fairies WorldŽ provides information and images (if available) on some of the most important and influential fairies from storybooks, films, theatre and history books.

Go to Famous Fairies »

Mythical and Folklore Names

A glossary of mythical and folklore names from around the world.

Mythical and Folklore Names »

How to Draw a Fairy

Step by step instructions on how to draw a fairy from one of the worlds leading fairy and fantasy artists.

How to draw a fairy »

Fairy FAQs

Freqently asked questions from Fairies World

Fairy FAQs »

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