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Fairy Names Spelling and Meaning of Fairy Element & Spirits
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Spirits and Elements, Goblins, Elfs and Gnomes


They are grouped in generic families based on big differences among them, and the elements they inhabit or preferrably domain. They could be classified as follows:

Air Spirits: Silfides

The air element, featured by intelligence, represented by Spring and Dawn is inhabited by Sylphs in the form of butterflies. They control winds, help birds in their migrations and flowers in their pollination. Their light yellow- toned translucent appearance is present in the scent of wet herb threatening to rain. Sylphs

Water Spirits:

Nymphs, Mermaids, Nereids, Naiads, Undines,and Water Goblins.
The water element featured by love and cures, represented by Autumn and Sunset, is inhabited by nymphs, mermaids, nereids, and undines. They appear as mythological creatures in all liquids, such as seas, rivers, fresh water brooks, falls, and clouds. Their aspect vary depending on their habitat. Nereids rule the seas; undines called Naiads by the Greek, are found in lakes. They are mostly blue and a receptive energy. Like mermaids, they attract any sailor with their songs until they wreck. They are the ones channeling natural river beds.

Earth Spirits:

The Earth element is the most dense. It is represented by Winter and the night. It is inhabited by Ladies, goblins, gnomes, and trolls. They are mostly green, and have a receptive energy. Fairies or ladies are characterized by their kindness and for being the oldest inhabitants of the plant. They may either be imposing or tiny; their powers, however, are incredible and dominate nature.

Fire Spirits: Salamanders

The Fire element features both creation and destruction. It is represented by Summer, and daylight. It is inhabited by Salamanders, Farralis and Ra-Arus, appearing as reddish salamanders and dragons. They give the idea that with courage and imagination everything can be done. They send forth projective energy, and dominate the element. No fire would be ignited without their intervention.


Trying to explain or talking about beings not considered spirits, angels, or human beings is rather difficult. They, however, share something in common, and more. We could give them the generic name of elemental creatures, nature spirits. They all inhabit the Magic World of Fairies.

Is is true that we can communicate with those tiny beings?

In spite of the fact that nature has been devastated by man, and that they were compelled to hide in the jungle or in the woods, many of them live with human beings and are willing to serve them. To communicate with them, we should love everything that surrounds us. They may appear under certain circumstances and on special occasions without us ever realizing of that, for they have the ability to choose the form they shall appear under - which may be similar to the very nature either as a stone, a tree, an animal, a plant or even a human being. These beings talk, laugh, are cautious, poor, rich, wise and crazy, just like all of us. They are the rough image of man, virtuous or vicious, pure or impure, better or worse.



They live inside houses or in the surroundings. For centuries they inhabited wild, woody, and mountainous areas, living inside caves or caverns until one of them approached the places where human beings lived, firstly for the sake of curiosity, then with the single objective of having fun. They appear preferably at night. They are about 50 cm- high and resemble man. They go out at night and love to have fun by dint of those sleeping. Even though most of them like to bother or frighten human beings, some of them, however, love to help men in domestic households. According to some experts, their names come from the Arabig word duar, meaning the one who inhabites or the inhabitant.


These are some little devil looking- goblins, not linked to a house, but to a person to whom they assist and make him their owner. They are linked to witchcraft.


They belong to a strange family of aggresive and individualist goblins. They cause nightmares and choose women and children as their victims.


All these beings are very ancient, small and ugly. When they are standing, they have arms so long that they past beyond their ankles. They have abundant and entangled hair, and a special talent for evil, though there are also benevolent Elfs. They love larch roots, do not like rain, but are fond of tempests. They have pointing ears and legs like wire.


Elfs are huge magical beings divided into two big categories:
The Ljsalfar, or Light Elfs;
The Dopkalfar, or Darkness Elfs.


They dominate the change in appearance, have an etereous beauty, are one of the best disposition elfs. They are translucent and blue coloured.
There are other light elfs with the ability to move over fire or inside wood and stone. They are called Ellefolk; can foretell the future, sing and compose a fascinating and enraptured music.


Like lobsters, they build their homes beneath the earth. They are frequently found in houses where they prefer dark corners, only visible at night. They may be of grey, brown, red or black colours. If a house has locks with no keys or small cracks in the wood, Elfs shall come in through those tiny spaces. They have many names, such as Cauchemar, Qaalruter, Nachtmannle.


They are the most numerous. They may be found in trees, plants, brooks or ponds. They are quite cautious and protected from the interference of strangers.

Poetry, information and pictures of Elves and Pixies


Since these elementary beings are earth spirits, they preferably work the soil and tree roots, to which they grant power. They look like funny little old men, as they belong to a race coming from the beginning of times. It is said that they inhabited the lost Atlantis. These tiny creatures build their homes under aging trees. They only go out at night and their home is lively after sunset. They are friends of animals, they speak their same language and protect them from danger. The best feasts are when the freezing winds blow over the woods dancing and playing, they start to run and some prefer rain for their dances.

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