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You are in the Fairy FAQ's category - Fairy Names and Meanings
Fairy Names Spelling and Meaning of Fairy Element & Spirits
Famous Fairies Folklore and Mythological Names How to Draw a Fairy

Disney Fairy Names
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Fairy Names and Meanings

Afreda Feminine form of Alfred, "Elf counsellor; elf power." Variants include Aelfraed, Alfi, Alfie, Alfre, Alfredah, Alfredda, Alfreeda, Alfri, Alfrida, Alfried, Alfrieda, Alfryda, Alfy, Allfie, Allfreda, Allfredah, Allfredda, Allfrie, Allfrie, Allfrieda, Allfry, Allfryda, Allfy, Elfie, Elfre, Elfrea, Elfredah, Elfredda, Elfreeda, Elfrida, Elfrieda, Elfryda, Elfrydah, Ellfreda, Ellfredah, Ellfredda, Ellfreeda, Ellfrida, Ellfrieda, Ellfryda, Ellfrydah, Elva, Elvah, Freda, Freddi, Freddie, Freddy, Fredi, Fredy, Freeda, Freedah, Frieda, Friedah, Fryda, Frydah
Alvar, Alva, Alvie, Alvara, Alvarie German Army of Elves
Alvina, Aethelwine, Aethelwyne, Aelfwine friend of the elves
Arethusa nymph
Blossom English Flower-like
Breena Celtic/Gaelic Fairy Land
Brucie French forest sprite
Carling Old English hill where old women or witches gather
Diana Roman Goddess of the woodlands, the moon, hunting, wild animals - and of chastity
Donella Celtic dark-haired elfin girl
Dulcina Latin Rose
Eglantine, Eglantina French wild rose
Elga Anglo Saxon Elfin Spear
Ella Anglo Saxon Elfin
Ellette English Little Elf
Elva, Elvia, Elvie, Elfie, Elivina, Elvine, Elvyne, Elvin, Elvina, Elvena good elf
Eolande Celtic/Gaelic Violet Flower
Erline, Erlina Anglo Saxon The Elfin
Faerydae dark child a gift from the fairies
Faylinn English Fairy Kingdom
Fay French Fairy or Elf
Faye Old French Fairy
Fayette French Little fairy
Gelsey English Jasmine
Gullveig Norse myth name (a witch)
Laila Biblical An angel appointed to guard the spirits at their Birth
Liliana Latin Gracious Lily
Lilli Latin Flower
Lilly Latin Lily Flower
Lily Latin Blossoming flower
Lorelle, Lorrella, Lorilla Teutonic elfin Laura
Luella, Louella, Luel famous elf
Marigold English Golden Flower
Maurelle French dark and elfin
Naida water nymph
Nerida Aboriginal Flower
Nerida Greek Sea nymph
Nissa brownie, sprite or elf; friendly elf
a feminine name of Scandinavian origin ("a friendly elf")
Nixie German Water Sprite
Nyx German Sprite
Odile, Odelina, Odiane, Odiana, Odette, Oda, Odila, Ordella, Ordalf German elfin spear
Orla, Orlagh, Orlaith, Orrla Irish Celtic Gaelic Golden Queen
Radella, Raedself elfin counsellor
Raisa Russian Rose
Raisie Celtic/Gaelic Diminutive of Rose
Rhiannon Welsh / Celtic Goddess-Great Queen-Goddess of Fertility
Rhoslyn Welsh Lovely rose
Rhoswen Celtic/Gaelic White Rose
Rhyannon Great queen, pure maiden; nymph
Rosa Latin Rose, Pink
Rosalba Latin White Rose
Rosalie, Rosalia, Rozalia, Rosa Rose
Rosetta Little Rose
Rosina Celtic/Gaelic little rose
Rossa Latin Beautiful flower
Roxanne Latin Graceful Rose
Rusalka Czech Mermaid/Wood sprite
Sebille English A Fairy
Shaylee Celtic/Gaelic Fairy princess of the field
Shea Irish Fairy palace
Siusan Celtic/Gaelic Lily
Susane French Lily
Susanna Latin Lily
Suzanne English Lily
Suzette French Little Lily
Tana Slavic Fairy Queen
Tania Russian Fairy queen
Tanya Russian Fairy queen
Tatiana Slavic Fairy Queen
Tenanye cheerful fairy queen
Tianna fairy queen
Titania Greek—Shakespeare Great One. Fairy Queen
Xantho golden-haired sea-nymph
Zanna Latin Lily
Zuzana Slavic Rose
Aelfdane Danish elf
Aelfdene from the elfin valley
Alberich Norse myth name (a dwarf)
Alfrigg Norse myth name (a dwarf)
Alston Old English From the Elf's Abode
Alvin Old English elf wine, noble friend
Avery, Aelfric, Aubrey elf ruler
Brokk Norse myth name (dwarf)
Dain Norse myth name (a dwarf)
Drake English Dragon
Durin German Mythical Dwarf
Eitri Norse myth name (a dwarf)
Elden, Eldan, Eldon, Ealhdun, Ealdun from the elves' valley
Elvin Celtic/Gaelic Friend of Elves
Elvy, Elvey elf warrior
Fafnir, Fafner Norse myth name (a dragon)
Foster Latin Forest Guardian
Genius myth name (a guardian spirit)
Hefeydd Celtic myth name (father of Rhiannon)
Hreidmar Norse myth name(dwarf king)
Kalen, Kailen, Kalan, Kallan, Kheelan, Kellen Irish/Celtic warrior
Nidhug, Nidhogg Norse myth name (a dragon)
Oberon From Shakespeare King of the Fairies
Oren, Orin IrishGael/Heb fairy, pale-skinned/pine tree
Puck From Shakespeare Puck's other name in Shakespeare's play is Robin Goodfellow. Puck means mischievous
Roosevelt Scandinavian Field of Roses
Sindri Norse myth name (a dwarf)
Suelita Spanish Little Lily
Warren Old German, Middle English,Teutonic, French watchman, game keeper, enclosure, from La Varenne

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