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Fairy Books

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Fairy books based on ideas and support from David Riché of Fairies World® and artists from around the world.

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Fairy Books

In associated with Amazon, Fairies World brings you the Fairy Books Store with books and products from artists such as:

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Fairy Books and Fantasy Books recomended by Fairies World

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Latest Recommendations

Taking Reality By Surprise by Daniel Merriam

Explore the sumptuously intricate worlds of artist Daniel Merriam in his third catalogue raisonné. This magnificent coffee table book features over 250 images. It illuminates the imagination and compositional depths for which Merriam has become so well known. Curated and color managed by master booksmith Marcel Salome, this visually arresting volume is the largest and most detailed look at Merriam's art to date. The introduction by author Elizabeth Lunday extricates the recent history of Imaginary Realism from the shadow of modern art, while Merriam's own words give readers an in-depth look inside his world and the philosophy beneath his brushstrokes. This remarkable book will delight and intrigue readers for generations.

The Adventrues of Petalwink the Fairy

The Adventures of Petalwink the Fairy® is a character education brand that is anchored in Petalwink's empowering positive message for girls to believe in themselves and the greater good. Join Petalwink on her journey of self-discovery through realizing the value of her own talents, her self-worth, and the confidence that comes in being generous to others. The series is written in rhyme and illustrated in bright fanciful watercolors. Written and illustrated by husband and wife teamAngela and Whit Larson, these books available either in hard or soft cover versions are eminently suitable for story telling to children from two years old upwards expanding a childs imagination, learning kindness and teaching thoughtfulness and compassion for others. These books come highly recommended to open the heart of love in families for the common good and understanding of those who may not be so fortunate and need a helping hand.

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