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The Watercolor Fairies Book, Front CoverThe Watercolor Fairies Book, Front Cover (Chinese)Watercolour Fairies

Paperback 128 pages (August 2004)
Publisher: Search Press Ltd
ISBN: 1844480097

In July 2004 David Riché's long awaited 'Watercolor Fairies' was published worldwide 128 pages, and feature the detailed work of a further twenty four artists who have collaborated with Fairies World®. We are proud to have represented and worked with thirty six of the finest visionary fairy and fantasy artists of the twenty first century on our projects to date.

With the current interest and growth in drawing fairies and fantasy subjects he has been able to present in 'Watercolor Fairies' an insight into the techniques of the visionaries of the twenty first century and to pass on their tips and skilled thoughts for a new generation of Fairy lovers and artists.

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Did you wonder why you picked up this book-what made you do it? Could it have been the title, the cover image, a recommendation from a friend, or just simple curiosity? Or might you have been guided by an unseen force that seemed to urge you to' visit another world? Deep in our psyches most of us have a sense that magic can happen and that the veil between two worlds can he Ifited, just as it sometimes is in dreams.


Some people may wonder about the choice of fairies as a subject, when there are so many more accessible ones at hand. One answer in that painting fairies gives us a chance to explore our creative side and stretch our imagination in a way that mundane, everyday subjects do not. Another is the simple wish to escape from dull reality and make a connection to a spiritual world. It is no coincidence that the great fairy art movement began in Victorian England during the years of the industrial revolution, when life was tough for many, and the countryside was changing beyond recognition. As factories went up, belching smoke and dirt, and large tracts of land disappeared under bricks and mortar, the Victorians fell in love with fairies - not only in art but also in books and plays....................................

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The following are links to the Web Sites of artists whose work is featured in the book: 'Watercolour Fairies'. David would like to thank them all for their unswerving dedication and support for this project.

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Review the full list of illustrators and artists featured in this book
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