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Famous Fairies

This important section of Fairies World® provides information and images (if available) on some of the most important and influential fairies from storybooks, films, theatre and history books.
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Tinkerbell, Copyright© 2005 Fairies World


Tinkerbell is probably the most well known and famous fairy in the world.

She was created by James M. Barrie, author of Peter Pan

Tinkerbell »

Sugar Plum Fairy by Myrea Pettit. Copyright© 2005 Fairies World

Sugar Plum Fairy

Very rarely seen and then only at dawn particularly favoring the birdsong dawn chorus when they have been seen resting singly or as dancing pairs working as a team

Sugar Plum Fairy »

The Fairy Queen by Myrea Pettit. Copyright© 2005 Fairies World

The Fairy Queen

Asked if she could produce an image to celebrate the 80th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II fairy artist Myrea Pettit was undecided. .....

Fairy Queen »

Tooth Fairy  Gifts

Tooth Fairies

Tooth Fairy Boxes, T-shirts and Pouches

Tooth Fairies »

1841 painting by Richard Dadd, Copyright© 2004 Allen W. Wright


Thanks to Shakespeare, the most famous of the mischievous shape-shifting hobgoblins. He is closely related to the Welsh Pwca and the Irish Phooka

Puck »

1841 painting by Richard Dadd
Copyright© 2004 Allen W. Wright

Fairy Godmother

Information coming soon...


The King of the Fairies

Oberon »


A mischievous sprite

Ariel »

Frances with the fairies, Copyright© 2004 Cottingley Connect

Cottingley Fairies

A Warner Bros Film told the story of Frances and Elsie and the Cottingley Fairies

Frances with the fairies - © 2004 Cottingley Connect

Cottingley Fairies »


The Queen of the Fairies and wife of Oberon in Shakespeare's Midsummer-Night's Dream

With special thanks to Allen W. Wright for the image

Titania »

The Green Fairy

"Let me be mad, mad with the madness of Absinthe, the wildest, most luxurious madness in the world."

Marie Corelli

The Green Fairy »

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