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The Fairy Queen

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The Fairy Queen

The Fairy Queen, Copyright© 2006 Fairies World

Asked if she could produce an image to celebrate the 80 birthday of Queen Elizabeth II Myrea Pettit renowned author and artist of Fairies, Flowers, and butterflies was undecided. "You know I was born in 1970 so all my life the Queen has appeared as this regal and older figure and frankly a fairy year is not a human year, fairies just don't grow old in looks or spirit!"

The Queen at 80
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Researching the subject more Myrea discovered the most enchanting images of young Princess Elizabeth, as a beautiful and lively young woman, As fate would dictate her family thrust into direct line to the throne of England by the abdication of her uncle King Edward VIII in 1937. Her father King George VI passed away on 6 Feb 1952 this beautiful young woman was proclaimed Queen and ever since has unfailing given her life to her people endearing herself to millions not just in Britain or the commonwealth but throughout the world.

Queen Elizabeth ll in 1952Myrea wanted to capture the youthful regal beauty at the point her life changed in 1952 , she felt she could work and adapt an earlier drawing.

Black & White Fairy Queen Image

The Queen's mother and father were also the Emperor and Empress of India until with independence that title was renounced in 1948, yet here in Britain thousands of families from the Indian sub continent and other nationalities have made their home and become successful in her reign, this is reflected in the beautiful jeweled headress of the image and the regal Indian Peacock design of the dress. The Fairy Queen would not be complete without the unique and personal wings of the Fairy Realm that follow her where ever she goes.

Queen Elizabeth ll painting by Rolf Harris"It must be wonderful to be asked to paint an official portrait of the Queen , like the BBC arranged for Rolf Harris to do last year and Her Majesty graciously accepted," said Myrea, "Our Royal family is renowned for supporting fairies in art , particularly the 19th century Victorian era, I am sure Fairlyland will join in all the celebrations, our folklore history goes back centuries with our fairies they are after all entitled to celebrate with the Fairy Queen who reigns over this fair isle of Albion"

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Happy Birthday and God Save the Queen.

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