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Sugar Plum Fairy by Myrea Pettit

Sugar Plum Fairy by Myrea Pettit. Copyright© 2005 Fairies World
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Sugar Plum Fairies

Sightings. Very rarely seen and then only at dawn particularly favoring the birdsong dawn chorus when they have been seen resting singly or as dancing pairs working as a team. These fairies were the inspiration for Peter Tchaikovsky and his Nutcracker Suite when the famous Sugar Plum Fairy and her attendants welcomed Clara at her court in the Kingdom of Sweets. Beautiful costumes from Spain, Arabia and China worn by delicate dancers representing coffee, tea, chocolate and sugar candy with clowns and toy flutes dance delightfully as The Sugar Plum fairy and her Beau, dance a Pas de Deux to music now famed throughout the world. At the end of the party The Sugar Plum Fairy and toy maker Drosselmeyer grant Clara a Christmas wish to dance with the Prince.

Best Time. Early spring at blossom time and at harvest time for the sweet ripe fruit, failing a sighting in the orchards, it would be an encouragement for small children to have ballet lessons so that Sugar Plums Fairies may be seen throughout the year world wide and for lovers of music and ballet beautiful Sugar Plum Fairies can be seen performing in most cities.

Habitat. In orchards and plum groves world wide and the court of flowers where friendly bees share the apples and cherries blossoms.

Likes. Sweets, Bees, ballet dancing, making jam and wine, organic cultivation, music and Christmas time.

Dislikes. Mice, and powdery mildew on the plums.

Type. They vary in size blending in with the color of the surroundings and the color of the plum fruit. Generally they are never more that three to four inches high and there is more chance to see them when the fruit is ripened and falls to the ground.

Names. Victoria, Prunella, Mirabelle, Diva, Damson, Ruby Sweet, Reine Claude, Angelina, Pearl, D’Agen, Santa Rosa, Doris, Laroda, Queen Rosa, Kelsey, Ivanovka

Friends. Snow King and Queen, ladybugs, Toy soldiers, The Nutcracker Prince, Dragonflies and Butterflies.

Warning: Should you see one, never approach a fairy or take photographs, the fairies seldom show on the prints. It is recommended to take a pencil and paper and quickly sketch what you see. Please remember to note everything, i.e. Time, weather, month of sighting, type of plum. Please advise us at for our records

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