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Carrie Hawks

Carrie HawksCarrie Hawks and her Fairy Cats

I have always been an animal lover, especially of cats. All my life I have been surrounded by these magnificent creatures and have witnessed their incredible awareness to the world around them. The cat has been blessed with extraordinary senses, such as we mere humans will never know. It is said that feline eyes are windows allowing us to see into another world. I believe the world seen through a cat's eyes is the Fairy world.

Throughout history the cat has been worshiped and adored by humans for their magical qualities. From every corner of the globe, over the many years since the pharaohs, the revered cat has had a special place in the record books. The cat is truly a magical, mystical creature.

Fairies have always embraced cats into their world. I believe that many felines have in fact "earned their wings" and crossed over to exist solely in the Fairy world. That enchanting belief is my inspiration for my fairy cat paintings. Through my artwork I wish to bring that world to life so that you will believe in fairy cats as I do.

April 2005

Carrie Hawks will appear in the new book "500 Faery Motifs"

Visit the web site of artist Carrie Hawks

Bast Goddess, Copyright© 2005 Carrie Hawks Bubbbly Fairy Cat, Copyright© 2005 Carrie Hawks

"Bast Goddess"
A true friend of the fairy cat, The Egyptian Bast captivates all with her mystical powers. Bast has many encounters with fairies, as they too are in awe of her extraordinary significance in both our worlds. Look deeply into her soulful eyes and all will be revealed.

"Bubble Fairy Cat"
This example in my Bubble Fairy Cat series shows a male cat with very interesting wings. By adding little green pom poms to the ends, I have made them unique from my other fairy cats. Extra large eyes are the key to the whole painting, as they seem to draw you into the world of the fairy cat and you see all that is around them.
Bubbly Fairy Kitten, Copyright© 2005 Carrie Hawks Rue Rue's Fortune, Copyright© 2005 Carrie Hawks
"Bubble Fairy Kitten"
A fairy cat has a playful, yet innocent nature, that I like to portray in my artwork. This fairy kitten riding on a bubble is a vivid fun piece which I feel illustrates that amusement and wonder.
"Rue Rue's Fortune"
A late night wish for fairy wings brings this Siamese an interesting vision. Rue Rue, an Oriental cat, spies a Japanese Koi in her crystal ball. What could it mean? She'll have to find the answer and earn her fairy wings another day.
Logan The Ladybug Fairy Cat, Copyright© 2005 Carrie Hawks Buzz The Bumble Bee Fairy Cat, Copyright© 2005 Carrie Hawks
"Logan The Ladybug Fairy Cat"
The always lucky ladybug was the inspiration for this fun piece. By adding some fairy cat magic Logan becomes a very distinctive feline fae.
"Buzz The Bumble Bee Fairy Cat"
I often look to nature for inspiration. By combining the idea of a common winged creature, such as a ladybug or a bumble bee, with the fairy cat, I bring about a unique and whimsical quality to my work

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