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Sandrine Gestin

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Sandrine Gestin Sandrin Sandrine Gestin is a French female illustrator and painter gaining great distinction and demand for her work. She was born in November 1969, in Quimper, a city of strong Celtic tradition in Brittany France

After studying graphic art at E.S.A.G of Penninghen in Paris, she decided to work as an illustrator and later also as a painter and has been a professional artist since 1993.

She has illustrated several book covers, and her creative images have been used for role playing games, magazines, trading cards, and web sites.

She has written and illustrated two books for children books with 23 full pages of her art, "La Cité aux 100 Mystères" and "La Vallée aux 100 Prodiges" and illustrated two other books in the same collection: "The Island of the 100 Skeletons" and "La Colline aux 100 Fées".

Her preferred technique used to be watercolors, however, she’s been painting with oil on canvas for some years now, a technique which she enjoys immensely. This has created a demand for her beautiful work to be shown in major painting exhibitions. Currently, she shares her time between these exhibitions and publishing her work, as well as various other projects.

You can see some more pictures of her work

Her web site of personal art www.sandrinegestin.com

Professional art and e.shopping www.faiseurs.com

Copyright© 2005 Sandrine Gestin Copyright© 2005 Sandrine Gestin
Huile sur toile- 61 x 38 cm (2002)
Collection privée

"L'Attente" was painted in 2002 (oil on canvas), for a private order. I worked a lot on the light and how it illuminates everything around it, especially on the small red stool. In my images, light is always the immeasurable character forming of my pictures. It was also the first time that I have painted stained glass.
Huile sur toile - 81 cm x 60 cm (2001)
Oeuvre personnelle

“Galadriel” was painted in 2001 (oil on canvas), for myself.

The little story is that I was painting her face when I heard on the radio that a plane had collapsed on the two towers of the world trade center ... For me , finishing this painting was as if I bring a little touch of hope in the world at this moment.

Copyright© 2005 Sandrine Gestin Copyright© 2005 Sandrine Gestin
Huile sur toile - 73 x 54 cm (2004)
Oeuvre personnelle

"Mystic" was painted in 2003, in my new house surrounded of trees. I think it has inspired me... This is my second "panoramic format "... I hope you'll notice that the cat has also wings... I loved painting the decor, especially the sky, with this strange color, between brown and pink. It's one of the softest paintings that I have ever created so far.
Nanta, reine des glaces
Huile sur toile - 92 x 65 cm (2003)
"La reine des glaces" de Louise Cooper- Éditions Nestiveqnen

"Nanta" was painted in 2003 (oil on canvas), for the cover of a book named " La Reine des Glaces" by Susan Cooper. This painting is my first "panoramic format"... and the first complicated sky that I made. I did the decor in only 10 hours... I am very proud of it.

What I love about this painting for me is the emotion and the fact that we can breathe in this picture.

Copyright© 2005 Sandrine Gestin Copyright© 2005 Sandrine Gestin
La Reine des Fées
Huile sur toile - 65 cm x 54 cm (2000)
"Il était une fée", collectif d'auteurs, Éditions Oxymore

"La Reine des Fées" was painted in 2001 (oil on canvas), for the cover of a book named " Il était une fée".

I spent a lot of time on this painting... Especially the dress and its embroideries... The little elf was difficult too, because of the wings... I like this painting very much because of its mystery and the danger it evokes.

Huile sur toile- 65 x 54cm (2002)
Oeuvre personnelle, éditée dans le recueil Terra Incognita

"Sann'vean" was painted in 2003 (oil on canvas), for the art book "Terra Incognita". They asked me to make an image that represents me. I like very much nature and especially the trees. So the forest was the best place. The light in this image is very important too, because it's important in my life

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