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Silvia Lugli

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Silvia LugliSilvia Lugli is thirty-six years old. She's from Comacchio, a little town located in Italy and is full-time mother and artist.

She made her international debut at the age of 28 when won her first International exposition with the oil on canvas "The first kiss". Another great work is the official calendar's Comacchio (2005). She teach in a art's school of her town Comacchio.

At this time the fantasy world, expecially the fairies, are part of her life...she always in love with the butterfly-insect fairies, her first creation was born thirty years ago!
She can say that everything around her feels very inspiring.

Watercolour is her favourites medium for her trasparent creatures.
"Let your mind free and you can see little fairies around you, it's am honour for me to create their portraits on piece of paper and my happiness is put a smile on your face"

Silvia Lugli
April 2005

Silvia Lugli will appear in the new book "500 Faery Motifs"

Visit the web site of artist Silvia

Dido, Copyright© 2005 Silvia Lugli In the garden, Copyright© 2005 Silvia Lugli

It's a lucky time for you if you meet this Dido's fairy. She helps you if there're some bad thoughts in your mind. She has a big smile, shining eyes and sweet voice. Don't worry, she's very small and can lives under your ear.

In the garden
If you have a garden there must be this fairy in your flowers, expecially blue flowers. She's not a good creature if you see it at soon your flowers will die.
Parasite, Copyright© 2005 Silvia Lugli Erlina, Copyright© 2005 Silvia Lugli
This fairy uses camouflage for protection. She looks exactly like the natural enviroment and so it is very difficult for predators to see her. She change her colour completely. She always try to be clever!
Erlina is a Celtic Fairy. That's why I added celtic knots around her. She really is a Irish girl because of the red hair and freckles!
Winter's Time, Copyright© 2005 Silvia Lugli Eva's Fairy, Copyright© 2005 Silvia Lugli
Winter's time
In autumn and winter the little insect fairies go to a long sleep under the leafs. Don't search them or they'll sleep forever!
Eva's fairy
This fairy is really trasparent, you can't see it because she has the same colours as her flowers. She has a very nice smell.

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