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You are in the Fairy and Fantasy Gallery category - Myrea Pettit - Butterfly Pictures

Butterfly Pictures

Red Admiral
Vanessa atalanta

Red Admiarl Butterfly Drawing Copyright© 2003 Fairies World

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The Magic Tree

Wingspan 5-6 cm. Black-brown with red bands and white spots, underside of forewing similar to upperside. Underside of hind wing dappled grey - brown. European butterfly

Green-veined White
Pieris napi
Green Veined White Butterfly Copyright©  2001 Fairies World

Wingspan 4-4.5cm. Veins on underside of wings dark dusted. The spring brood is smaller and marked with a darker distinct pattern. European an common everywhere

Copyright© 2004 Fairies WorldMyrea Pettit is renowned for her detailed images of butterflies.

In 2003 she was studying the indigenous butterflies of Ecuador (mariposas del Ecuador) on a visit to the virgin jungle of the Amazon. (see below)

The Butterfly images created by Myrea on this page, where specially commissioned for an exclusive and collectible range of miniature ginger jars marketed by Brooks & Bentley in 2004.

Painted Lady
Cynthia (Vanessa) cardui
Painted Lady Butterfly Copyright© 2004 Fairies World

Wingspan 5-6 cm. Pale orange with black spots, also with white spots on forewing; underside of hind wing with a row of five eye spots. European butterfly

Small Copper
Lycaena phlaeas
Small Copper Butterfly Copyright© 2004 Fairies World

Wingspan 2.5-3cm. Forewing yellow to red-orange with a broad,dark brownmargin and black spots, hind wing black-brown with a jagged orange band; forewing under color orange -brown with black spots and a grey margin, hind wing grey brown with dark spots. European and to northern Scandanavia.

Danaus plexippus
Monarch Butterfly Copyright© 2004 Fairies World

Wingspan 7-8 cm. Central and South America is the most popular of all Danaidae species.The butterflies fly through the American states in clouds numbering millions of specimens some getting as far as Canada and those blown off course can reach Western Europe

Short-tailed blue
Everes argiades
Short Tailed Blue Butterfly Copyright© 2004 Fairies World

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The Magic Tree

Wingspan 3cm. The male has violet-blue uppers, the female are brown with a scattering of purple scales at the base of the wings. Undersides are bluey-grey with a tiny row of black spots. There is a single tail. North American subspecies E. argiades comyntas. It rarely visits England from mainland Europe

Copyright© 2004 Fairies World Copyright© 2004 Fairies World Copyright© 2004 Fairies World
Copyright© 2004 Fairies World Copyright© 2004 Fairies World Copyright© 2004 Fairies World

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