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Crafts Beautiful Magazine Feature

Pixie on a shell drawing, Copyright© 2001 Fairies WorldMyrea Pettit was commissioned to provide a special illustration for this feature in Crafts Beautiful Magazine, aimed at showing people how to "Be inspired by this little charmer and see how easy it is to create your very own fairy fantasy using Myrea Pettit`s whimsical designs".

The feature also contained a reproduction of the original black and white illustration for tracing and copying or freehand colouring.

The following is a copy of the information contained within the feature.

This delightful scheme has been drawn using a find tip pen and coloured pencils. Hard to believe isn't it, that such delicate work can be achieved using these basic tools? You may think that to reproduce this detail you need to be an experienced artist, but the hints and tips included in our project guide will help you in your choice of colour and application. We've made it so easy that all you need to do is either photocopy or trace the design from our pattern pack and use it to decorate cards or create a finished picture to turn a child's bedroom into a fairy grotto.

To invent your own composition, use an obliging youngster as a model. Children's natural positions provide you with the ideal opportunity to practice your drawing skills and develop an eye for shape. Alternatively find a photograph that is suitable, add a small object of interest like a shell or something out of the garden, dot a few summer flowers around for colour and you're away!

1. Be ambitious and try to recreate the pixie in freehand by copying our illustration. You can increase the size to suit yourself, alternatively use tracing paper. To transfer the design, simply rub soft black pencil over the back of the traced outline, then lay the penciled image into position on the sketchpad and draw over the lines so that the image is transferred onto the art paper.
Sweet Dreams information from Crafts Beautiful Magazine
2. Applying the ink outline is probably one of the most difficult parts, as it requires a steady hand. You need to be sitting comfortably, with good lighting, without heavy shadows over the pen's point from your head, hand and finders. Make sure that the pen is in full working order with sufficient ink. Practice on a spare piece of paper until you feel confident. If you wear specs, then make sure they're on the end of your nose! This is very detailed work, especially so when marking the facial features.

3. When the image outline is inked use the rubber to gently remove any pencil marks, leaving it clean and ready to be coloured. If you feel that you want to produce more than one picture, now is the time of scan or photocopy it, then you have a back-up, and even the children can share your colouring fun with you.

4. Start working from the top of the picture if possible, and move down the paper. That way you are not likely to damage the drawing that has already been completed by rubbing over it with your hand, or inadvertently touching it with another pencil. The colours used here blend easily and will also build up to a deep and interesting hue.

5. Choose shades which match those shown in the main body of the illustration. Blend cream, yellow, orange and umber for the mushrooms, and richer browns and burnt ochres for the shell. Use flesh tones for the pixie and colour in the clothing in magenta and fuchsia shades. Using a good artist rubber you will be able to create patches of light by erasing little areas of finished colour. Don't use force, you just need to soften the surface, the colour will not disappear completely. This is a great trick for light sourcing and contrast! It pays to practice this technique first to get it right!

6. To colour the clematis, draw in a pink outline along the middle of each petal leaving a white line down the centre (see illustration). Soft shade around the edges to make a base colour, then add a deeper pink over the top. Run a violet line along the length of the white centre - this will create a bending effect and depth in the petal.

Where to buy.
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Staedtler 1.3mm Marsmatic 700 technical pen priced £18.50, available from good art shops or go to www.staedtler.com

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CB says.... Keep a good point on your pencils, it's worth investing in a battery operated sharpener about £10 from branches of Staples or good stationers.

Information supplied by Crafts Beautiful

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