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Myrea is able to interpret and adapt her work to the creative requirements of a client. Her ability to capture the essence of the brief showing her versality is shown from some of her images below.

Asked to produce a design for The 'Royal Mint' in celebration of the three pence piece, or as I discovered from my research,' the thupenny bit' as it was more commonly known, (I was after all only one year old when it was no longer legal tender). I was enchanted by the color of the Thrift flower. Perfect for my love of drawing flowers and I designed this lovely pot on which the image can be be displayed in all its glory to honor the memory a favorite coin, now very collectible.

United Kingdom coins:

In 1937 a new brass threepence was introduced to eventually replace a silver threepenny coin considered to small.

This has a design showing a Thrift Plant, a clever pun on words at a time when saving was being encouraged.

Using an alloy of 79% copper, 20% zinc and 1% nickel. It was 12 sided to make it more distinguishable to the touch, and weighed 6.8g. It measures 21mm across between the flat edges. The 12-sided design and thickness made the coin easy to identify, and it became very popular. They were demonetised on 31st August 1971

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The Royal Mint

Three Pence Piece Copyright© 2004 Fairies World
Thrift Plant Vase Copyright© 2004 Fairies World
Ginger Jar Base Copyright© 2004 Fairies World

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