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You are in the Fairies World® Commissions category - Finnish Association of the Deaf

Finnish Association of the Deaf

Kuurojen Liitto, kesakorttien kuvat (it means: The Finnish Association of the Deaf, pictures for summercards)

Myrea Pettit is honored to have been asked by 'The Finnish Association of the Deaf' to provide four of her beautiful flower images to be used on 150,000 cards distributed in Finland for contributions from donators to raise money to arrange summer-camps for deaf children.
Details of the Lapland Midnight Sun festival www.kl-deaf.fi/yotonyo/en_kuurojen_liitto.htm
FAD card featuring flower drawing by Myrea Pettit
FAD card featuring flower drawing by Myrea Pettit
FAD card featuring flower drawing by Myrea Pettit
FAD card featuring flower drawing by Myrea Pettit

The Finnish Association of the Deaf
The Finnish Association of the Deaf will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2005. During the centenary year the association will organise nationwide events and campaigns as well as link many local and regional events by deaf clubs to the centenary year celebrations. The FAD also invites international quests to celebrations. Hosting the WFD international human rights conference Our Rights - Our Future in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, 30 September - 1 October 2005 is also a part of the centenary year programme. The Midnight Sun Festival 3-9 July 2005, organised by the local deaf clubs in Lapland, invites international quests to enjoy the best of the Finnish nature. Many cultural events also take place during the centenary year. The year culminates to the great celebration day and event 2 October in Helsinki bringing together the Finnish Deaf community, its friends, FAD's partners in cooperation, experts, government representatives and international guests. For more information see the FAD website www.kl-deaf.fi and the Our Rights - Our Future conference website www.wfdhelsinki2005.org

The FAD has more than 3000 member deaf clubs throughout Finland, and they also have a large international outreach. Currently they are working with 17 deaf groups in poor and developing countries in Africa and Asia.

The Finnish Association of the Deaf first became involved with deaf people in Cambodia when Katja Merentie, a deaf field worker from, was sent to Cambodia to assess the situation of the deaf community here. She began organizing deaf youth in Phnom Penh and taught them sign language, and later the FAD began funding the Deaf Development Program in 1999.

World Federation of the Deaf


WFD provides expert advice on Deaf issues in its relationship with other international organisations and professional groups. The legal seat of WFD is in Helsinki, Finland. from 30 September until 1 October 2005 Finland will be hosting the International Conference of the World Federation of the Deaf in Helsinki Finland . The theme will be Our Rights - Our Future. For more information please contact CongCreator. Website: www.wfdhelsinki2005.org

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