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Fantasy Games


Games to play at home and online

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Real Arcade
Over 250 games to play
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Online Games
Adventure and fantasy enrich the lives of children. Exploring a basement can become a dangerous quest through monster-filled caves; a walk in the woods with the family dog can become the hunting of prehistoric man and his half-tamed wolf, braving all odds to bring a meal back to the home cave.
Games for Children
Fairy & fantasy games with leprechauns, dragons, trolls, and other fairy monsters
Fantasy Games

Jewel Quest
A new generation of gem matching! You are a fearless adventurer questing through perilous Mayan ruins, rearranging jewels and artifacts to turn sand into gold. Dozens of mind-bending puzzles will keep you addicted deep into the night
Jewel Quest Game
Wonderland Adventure Puzzle Game
The cutest and most delightful adventure-puzzle game of all the games on BigFishGames.com! With real 3D visuals, compelling and hilarious game play, once you start the journey to Wonderland, you won't stop.
BigFish Games
Jigsaw Puzzles
including Kinkade jigsaw puzzles, 3D jigsaw puzzles, Wasgij jigsaws, Photomoasics, Disney jigsaw puzzles, Jan van Haasteren jigsaws, Ravensburger, Clementoni, Falcon, SunsOut, Gibson, plus loads more -UK jigsaw puzzles, Porta puzzles and Jigrolls
Encylcopedia of Computer Puzzle Games
List of computer puzzle games
The Free Dictionary.Com

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