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You are in the Fairies World® Commissions category - Michel Roux

My Valentine Fairy Tale of Perfection 2002
Myrea at The Waterside Inn
Myrea Pettit at The Waterside Inn

Myrea Pettit of Fairies World® is proud to say that she has been commissioned by Chef Michel Roux to provide images for Michel Roux, The Waterside Inn and his business clients.

The Waterside Inn, a unique experience in hospitality and excellence, every womans dream of romantic perfection.

Chef Michel Roux says that despite his numerous roles: academic, teaching, consultant for British Airways and for Celebrity Cruises, his books - it is still the Waterside Inn and maintaining his three Michelin Stars that give him the biggest thrill.

"To be a great chef and a great cook and to achieve three stars and keep them for 17 years unbroken is my greatest challenge. Everyday I still wake up wanting to do something as good if not better than yesterday. To get three stars you are aiming for perfection every day."

Visit The Waterside Inn

Myrea Pettit and Michel RouxMyrea Pettit thanking Chef Michel Roux for a wonderful Valentine Dinner, 14 Feb 2002

I had known of the reputation of The Waterside Inn but never had expected to be taken there for a romantic Valentine Day. Not only was it the most wonderful surprise from the moment I arrived and was greeted so warmly as a guest.

The beautiful dining room overlooking the River Thames, leading to a cute summer house where I sipped Dom Perignon Champagne, a bedroom fit for a Queen, a dinner that delighted the palate and left me marvelling at the artistic cooking skills of Chef Michel Roux and the perfection of the service of a great team of loyal staff. I even had a photo taken with the Master Chef himself as he came around to talk with his clients. That really made my day!

Buy this BookAll I did was leave a little note on one of my picture cards as I left the next day to say 'Thank You for the most wonderful experience of my life'

Can you imagine my surprise when I received a personal letter, signed Michel, to say, "Looking at your quite stunning card again, at the time I had no idea that you were the actual artist. I really must congratulate you on such a work of art, so much so, that I would like you to send me some details of all your work to date"

Myrea Pettit and Michel RouxMyrea Pettit at lunch with Chef Michel Roux at The Waterside Inn, 5 September 2002.

And so I did. Michel then asked me if I would be kind enough to draw some images, with food as the theme, and we met again when he asked me to lunch with him 5th September, and was able to present to him my work.

Another fine eating experience this time cooked by his son Alain who follows in the family tradition, 'just an amazing chef', no wonder the coveted three star Michelin accolade has been awarded to The Waterside Inn for seventeen years.

I would recommend this experience to visitors to UK as the ultimate of fine hospitality. The lunch was superb as were the fine french wines, as you might expect as the guest of the Patron.

I was greatly honored and delighted when Michel showed appreciation of the images I had prepared for him. For me my Valentine visit had turned into a real fairy story.

Thank you Michel Roux for your support and enthusiasm I greatly appreciate everything you have done for me.

A message from Master Chef Michel Roux

Crayfish Soufflé

A Roux speciality. Gentle crayfish waiters turn a warm pink as they present absolute perfection a hot soufflé that rises as delicately and as light as it looks.
Rouen Duck
The Ultimate in fine French plump duck roasted to perfection , happy knowing he is perfect for Michel Roux, being lead by the Thyme and Rosemary and being gently pushed by the crying onions.
The Garnish
Oh Parsley thank you for the bouquet, I would not be without you in my cooking and your blushing color garnishing my dishes.

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