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Thorntons Chocolates, Magical Christmas Chocolate Fairies

Thorntons Chocolates Company Logo

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Myrea Pettit - October 2004Myrea Pettit renowned UK artist and illustrator of Fairies says,
" My fairy world is very real to me.

Though they can be quite mischievous, I am inspired and draw for the fairies. They have a message to convey of inner peace, comfort, beauty and kindness.

I am honored to present my fairies in this way specially for the enjoyment and pleasure of Thorntons Chocolates"

Letter from Thorntons Chocolates

Hi Myrea!

Yes, greetings indeed from the chocolate factory!!

Thorntons ChocolateThis is Thorntons here. We have been designing what we will be having for this year's Christmas windows for our stores which is going to involve the use of magical Christmas chocolate fairies!

We were searching for fairy illustrators based here in the UK and we like the style of your work very much and so would like to inquire further if you would be interested in creating these magical fairy folk for us.

If you would be able do this for our windows for the Christmas period - the windows are being based on a Christmas kitchen look - the Chocolatier's kitchen were in the first phase, ingredients and products are being made on a table in the foreground, a large bowl with a large chocolate ladle and shelves and cabinets on either side and in the second phase a swooshing shooting star will frame the various chocolate boxed gifts which will be displayed on the sparkling table!

These tables, props and shelves would be flat cut out illustrated sections, the table being similar with a platform for some of objects to rest on.

Thorntons ChocolateThe fairies would be the kind of Chocolatier's "helpers" - they would be interacting with the signs and products - some in positions so they could either hold up any signage or products, some sitting down, peering over a bowl, holding the chocolate ladle, opening a box - these fairies would have a cheeky expression to them - like in your Whimy fairy drawings!

The table would also have sugar / flour messy areas with the little footsteps put in as if the fairies have been running around causing mischief!

We think these fairies would be of great appeal - especially with the younger children with their parents during the Christmas shopping period as the days become darker!

The height of these fairies would be about 8cm in height so maybe artwork would be about 18/20cm in height - in Christmas + Chocolate colouring, no backgrounds as they would most probably be printed on silver/miri board. We have in mind but they could have a bit of sparkle around them also! In the window would be a bottle, a magic bottle which will be the Chocolatier's Magic which a fairy would be holding up and stars would flow out into the bowl and over the product. Stars are a major theme as we use this chocolate star in a magical way.

We would probably need about 6 or 8 fairies in total!

Best wishes

The Chocolate Factory
http://www.thorntons.co.uk ...................................... View the chocolate fairies and Myrea's reply

Thorntons Chocolates Window Display for Christmas 2004

Thorntons Chocolates Window Display for Christmas

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