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Aimee Latest News on Aimee

Introduction - May 2004

Bringing Magic into Aimee’s Life

Aimee is fighting leukaemia for the second time in her young life. The disease – acute lymphoblastic leukaemia the most common type of childhood leukaemia - first reared its head in 2000 when she was just five. Following two and half years of gruelling chemotherapy and almost a year off treatment, Aimee and her family thought the disease was finally behind them. They had celebrated the best Christmas that the family had enjoyed for some time, when they were devastated with the news a few days later at the beginning of 2004 that the leukaemia had came back........................

Aimee Butler loves fairies.

Aimee Copyright© 2004 The CourierLike any other girl of her age Aimee has searched for fairies at the bottom of her garden. And fairies do indeed live in the bottom of Aimee’s garden … and many, many more besides live in her house too.

Aimee’s world of fairies has a special and unique place in her young life – on the front-line in her battle with childhood leukaemia. Aimee was first diagnosed with leukaemia when she was five. Following two and a half years of chemotherapy and almost a year off treatment, suddenly and expectedly Aimee suffered a devastating relapse at the beginning of 2004.

Throughout 2004 fairies from around the world – in all shapes, sizes and disguises - have been by her side through the endless rounds of treatments needed to bring the cancer back into remission.

In the spring they flew in droves to help cheer her when – weakened by chemotherapy - she developed pneumonia.

In the summer they sprinkled her with fairy dust when a worldwide search for a bone marrow donor found her a much needed one-in-a-million match.

As autumn approached ever more globe trotting fairies endowed with fairy healing gathered around her as she went through a bone marrow transplant to fulfil fairies wishes for a new life full of fun, laughter and good health.

Below are just three images sent to Aimee by artists from around the world
to help her during her post operation recovery

Aimee by Maria William
Original gifted to Aimee

Aimee by Maria Wiliam, Copyright© 2004 Maria William
To Aimee from John Arthur
To Aimee from John Arthur, Copyright© 2004 John Arthur
To Aimee from Linda Biggs
To Aimee from Linda Biggs, Copyright© 2004 Linda Biggs

Aimee and I have learned that fairies so often walk in human shoes. Although we express our sincere and grateful thanks a thousand times over each day – it never seems enough - especially for that one very special “fairy” with the knowledge and the motivation to become Aimee’s bone marrow donor.

So many other “fairy folk” have been vitally important too – a list that is equal in size to Santa’s own “nice list” – bringing an endless support that has been pivotal in helping Aimee gain a much swifter and more sound recovery than had thus far been expected.

We none of us know what tomorrow may bring – for good or for ill. Neither do we know what help we may need to find the strength to continue our journey.

Aimee and I have humbly unlearned our childhood lessons that we must always be self-sufficient and forever independent. We have learned in times of great need to accept and cherish the many gifts and forms that make up human love and compassion. We have also learned that for moment… today is good enough.

From the deepest places of our hearts we wish each and every one of Aimee’s Fairy Supporters the brightest and happiest of times.

Light and love

Rosie and Aimee Butler

For the latest information on Aimee and her fight to cure childhood leukaemia please visit Aimee's news pages at Fairies World®

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