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Juri Iida

Juri Iida Japanese Version

Juri Iida lives in a place surounded with nature, sea, fields and mountains in Japan.

Artist Juri Iida"I have loved nature; animals and plants since a little girl raised up by my parents who encouraged me to write and to draw. When I was in my teens, I had a serious disease. I think, however, it was a trial to be needed for me. While I was in the hospital , I could develop rapidly my sharp and observant eye, my sensibilities to lives of creatures, and my painting ability. And then I went to Art School, and stepped into this art world.

When I draw fairies, I feel their lives that exist in them and I change them into the figures of the fairies with me inside. They are the forms of their lives I get feeling of . I greatly appreciate God, my parents who gave me this ability and also appreciate many creatures to answer my calling. I will pay attention to many creatures, feel their voices and lives and represent them as my fairies with cute smile. They and I would be very happy if my fairies make your heart secure.

Now in nature, it is my life-work to listen to their whisper and to represent them, for example, to publish picture books and to paint pictures for individuals."

Juri Iida
April 2005

Juri Iida will appear in the new book "500 Faery Motifs"

Visit the web site of artist Juri Juri Iida

Dido, Copyright© 2005 Juri Iida In the garden, Copyright© 2005 Juri Iida

Sweet dolls Mayple
She is a mayple fairy. She has a unique figure with very red hair and body like a red leaves. The honey she makes up is very good for your health. She can give you the rich natural power.

Baby's breath
She and he are Baby's breath fairies. They appear to hide somewhere unconspicuously, but giggling as the steadfast existence. Such as brides-children who accompany a bride with her wedding dress's train held by them.
Parasite, Copyright© 2005 Juri Iida Erlina, Copyright© 2005 Juri Iida
She is a Japanese apricot fairy. She sings with joy of the early spring visit and comes into the vivid red and white blossom in the cold wind. In the spring sunshine getting warmer and warmer day by day, she flies around and wakes up other flowers and creatures with her gentle sway. She is loved so much with cherry blossom by people in Japan.
She is an apricot blossom fairy. In the spring sunshine she is dancing and singing merrily on the warm spring breeze. Her whole body expresses the joy of spring coming after cold winter. If you are lucky, you can watch her dancing in the spring sunshine with sweet apricot fragrance.
Winter's Time, Copyright© 2005 Juri Iida Eva's Fairy, Copyright© 2005 Juri Iida
She is a fairy who shows to escape from the difficulty and recover. With her wings of many feathers changing red into transparent violet, she leads you to the light world. People must face a lot of difficulties. If you face it seriously and try to face the fact, she would keep her eye on you and help you gently behind you.
Under the surface of the water
She is a silver fish with a tail shining like a rainbow. Under the surface of the clear water she lives quietly adoring the out world. But she is so playful that it might be her play that your float and beautiful lure are taken away when you are fishing.

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