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Vicki Visconti-Tilley

Short Autobiography from Vicki Visconti-Tilley

ARTV AwardsVicki Visconti-Tilley, creative artist and illustrator of the "Art of Enchantment, Faery & Myth," works in various mediums, preferring watercolors, colored pencils and oils to create her enchanted Old Worlds. She has won numerous awards for her romantic creations of the ancient world of her European ancestors, tales of folklore, Avalon, faeries, and dragons of olde.

Her work is widely recognized and has been published on marble tiles, in books, a calendar, and magazines.

Recently Vicki took home the coveted Muse Award in Drawing at the ARTV Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she currently resides.

As I Dream Mermaid Copyright© 2005 Vicki Visconti-Tilley Gentle Unicorn & Faery Copyright© 2005 Vicki Visconti-Tilley

As I Dream Mermaid
© 2005 Vicki Visconti-Tilley

She sits near the water’s edge,
to let the sun warm her thoughts…
She uses her power of dreaming
in the cave of the ancient ones,
until her warmth spreads out
across the oceans and seas,
in hopes it will find us all…

Gentle Unicorn & Faery
© 2005 Vicki Visconti-Tilley

I wonder if he’s gentle,
he sparkles with light.
He’s proud & majestic,
resting and content…
Not to disturb him
I shall remain hidden…

Wintur Faery: Dance, Dream, Awaken Copyright© 2005 Vicki Visconti-Tilley Tigur Cat, Ancient Whiskers Copyright© 2005 Vicki Visconti-Tilley

Wintur Faery: Dance, Dream, Awaken
© 2005 Vicki Visconti-Tilley

The Wintur Faery
dances among the branches.
Slowly she falls into a deep sleep,
under a blanket of snow…
Her sisters: Sprieng, Sumhur & Fahl
will carry out her work,
until the snow falls again.
The cycle never ending,
She awakens…

Tigur Cat, Ancient Whiskers
© 2005 Vicki Visconti-Tilley

Peace and contentment are felt
with the blowing of the snow,
She perches and tilts her head,
lifting her multicolored wings…
This winged cat of wisdom
remembers many ancient tales,
from a thousand different places…
She catches our glance
with her blue green eyes…
and leaves us wondering,
Why the red floating crystals…

Sprieng Faery, Giver of Life Copyright© 2005 Vicki Visconti-Tilley Faerie Kiss of the Unicorn Copyright© 2005 Vicki Visconti-Tilley

Sprieng Faery, Giver of Life
© 2005 Vicki Visconti-Tilley

As flowers bloom everywhere,
continuing the cycle of life…
the Faery waits patiently by the cradle.
Her sister fae sprinkle faerie dust
on the hand woven blanket with love.
A mobile hangs from the branches
of the Moon, the Stars & the Sun…
Expressing what we all want for our
offspring, but we can not give…
Not to worry… this new Mom
daydreams of the nearing birth.
She wears a small Celtic bracelet
with a very, very special Key.
It dangles from her wrist,
representing what all parents can
teach by loving their children,
the Key to a long & healthy life…

Faerie Kiss of the Unicorn
© 2005 Vicki Visconti-Tilley

A kiss on the nose
on an enchanted Summer’s eve,
the unicorn beams in delight
from the love that is felt
from his companion & friend,
a fair haired Celtic Faery…
With a glance to the left,
among the branches & trees,
spot the golden green dragon
as she perches to see,
if the kinship with the fae
will be shared with her…
Before another moment passes,
she climbs higher & higher…
whispering to the Faery
pick me, pick me…
The Faery loves them both,
she loves all enchanted animals,
but the unicorn will not budge…
Poor little dragon, she must wait
her turn to be petted…

To view more of Vicki’s work, please visit her website at www.vickiviscontitilley.com or www.landofmyth.com

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