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Drawing Fairies by M yrea Pettit

Myrea Pettit in SpainOnly the finest tools and materials are used for drawings fairies and fantasy art:

Bleedproof Marker Pad by Letraset A3 or A4 depending on the size of the subject matter.
Preferred drawing pens are:
  • Staedtler Marsmatic® 707 MO13 ISO.
  • Coloring using pencils from Sanford in USA called Prismacolor® in Karismacolor® made in USA by Berol.

Some personal letters from students and parents

Name: Lititia
Myrea, thank you for this section on how to draw a fairy. You know I always wanted to draw fairies, because I just LUV & ADORE them.
I feel this in my soul and I want you to know YOU are this inspiration to try and draw. I don't want to sound negative, it's just that I doubt my drawing abilities.

Thank you so much for your beautiful and rich graphics. I wish you all the best and many blessings.

Kind Regards

A thank you from someone with a young child suffering from Nightmares.

Thank you for helping me with my GCSE Art Exam

I got an A on my project

Dear Myrea,
"Was I blessed as the only one who saw them?
Maybe I was the only one who believed in them!"

The first time I saw your faeries, was in a book called Watercolour Fairies I am totally fascinated by your work. One needs to reverse the saying "seeing is believing". In the case of fairies, elves, nature devas and the creatures in realm that is called fantasy it is actually "believing is seeing". Please keep on seeing them, it makes the world such a better place! I wish I could draw these as you do, but my talent with drawing and painting is with flowers and animals (botanical art with a difference - bringing light and shade and making these alive).

Best regards,
Ester Koch
Chief Economist Environmental Economic Accounts
South Africa

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