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Priscilla Hernández Fairy Music Priscilla Hernandez CD Cover

Fairies World® is proud to present and collaborate with this most outstanding multitalented artist and musician, the more you hear the more you are creatively inspired to follow and discover the Fairy World of Priscilla Hernández.

Place your orders now for her brilliant new album!

See a video of the opening credits of Priscilla Hernandez new CD called "Ancient Shadows"

Priscilla Hernandez

Review of Priscilla Hernandez's new album, Ancient Shadows

For a great review of Priscilla Hernandez's new Ancient Shadows album please read this article by Morpheus Music Reviews

Ancient shadows come!

Soar through the night on spectral wings...

Here’s where my journey begins!

This Spanish singer-songwriter, composer and fantasy illustrator has re-invented a new way of storytelling. A journey full of contrasts driven by her heavenly and instantly recognisable sultry vocals that weave bitter yet meaningful songs, Priscilla is maybe on the brink of redefining “ethereal gothic” genre.

Discover the spectral spellbinding dark side of fairytales, melodies that portray a fantastic and unknown landscape.

The light, the shade, the fairy or the ghost... “Ancient Shadows”, is a Song CD that compiles some of her most acclaimed hits completely remastered, as well as brand new recordings, will haunt you and lead you into the feeric and magical realms of twilight. Along with her artworks, another trademark of this rising talent, you will find yourself uttering “Once upon a time...”

Priscilla Hernandez Ancient Shadows Flyer
View PDF file of CD Promotional
Priscilla Hernandez Ancient Shadows Flyer
View Promotional Flyer (pdf format)

Priscilla Hernandez MP3 downloads

For KIRA. "Now that you´re gone" (LIVE)

Priscilla Hernández - The call of the nymph- LIVE

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