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Brian Froud

Fantasy Art Home Page Brian Froud
Exhibition in France

"I want to expand everyone's awareness of what fairies are about, for them to have access to the sacredness and a personal spiritual journey"
Brian Froud in an interview with Fairies World®, January 2003

When Albert Einstein was asked how to develop intelligence in young people, he answered,
"Read fairy tales. Then read more fairy tales."

"In a utilitarian age, of all other times, it is a matter of grave importance that fairy tales should be respected."
Charles Dickens

Fantasy image by Brian FroudBrian Froud was born at Winchester and lived for his early years in a part of Hampshire, which although only thirty or so miles from London, is an area abounding in pockets of unspoiled natural countryside.

His most cherished memories of this period of his life are of solitary explorations after school hours, and during vacations, in these natural areas, and of building his own private worlds and sanctuaries in the undergrowth.

He still wonders at lack of permanent scars which he should have received from tunneling through gorse and hawthorne bushes.

Brian Froud's artistic techniques and wisdom of folklore caught the eyes of many, including Jim Henson (creator of the Muppets). In 1978 Jim Henson hired Froud to help create a unique otherworld, better known as THE WORLD OF THE DARK CRYSTAL. Image by Brian FroudThe film "The Dark Crystal" was a monumental collaberation of ideas, techniques, and creativity. On the set of "The Dark Crystal"- released in 1982, Brian Froud met Wendy Midener, a puppet designer (creator of the "Gelflings" and Star Wars' "Yoda").

Their son Toby starred in the Henson film, "Labyrinth"- 1986, in which Brian Froud was once again hired as the Conceptual Designer. Froud also began to collaborate with the screenwriter of "Labyrinth," Terry Jones. They created several books including one of Froud's most popular, titled LADY COTTINGTON'S PRESSED FAIRY BOOK.

Brian and Myrea
Brian Froud & Myrea Pettit
at Brian & Wendy's home, Devon, UK
Brian Froud Characters
Two well known models of Brian Froud's characters

Brian Froud Meeting with Fairies World®

A Tribute to Brian from Artists Around the World

Transcript of Brian Froud Interview with Fairies World®

Pictures and Quotes

Brian Froud Stencils

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