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Gallery of Secrets

Gallery of Secrets

Mystical, Magical and of the Esoteric is very interesting to the many souls searching for light and love and can be found in the new Gallery of Secrets. The gallery which is now open in Bridport Dorset UK. is a partnership with Peter Stone Jewellery International and famous Celtic artist Courtney Davis.

Here can be found art with deep and valued meaning touching many senses that will help transform the Mind, Body and Spirit and the Ether.

The UK Gallery is building up a large collection of originals and prints over the next few months from a number of famous artists worldwide and will include some of the older images from Courtney's earlier books as these remain always popular and in demand.

Peter Koslowski, Peter Stone and Myrea Pettit

On show and for sale is the exclusive spiritual couture of Amy Zerner of New York.

Seen here with Peter Koslowski of Peter Stone is Myrea Pettit whose original mythical art works also hang in the gallery


"Linking worlds past and present, conscious and unconscious, Courtney's art provides a doorway into lush Celtic forests and beckoning Arthurian tales, the modern embodiment of living Celtia, teaching and reaching to the places within seeking harmony, balance, health and well-being. Inspiring conservation of the wild places needing protection, tending and recognition within and around us, Courtney's work both excites and satisfies the revival of global interest in Celtic art and ritual."

Paula Vaughan, mythologist, writer

Gallery of Secrets 76 South Street, Bridport, Dorset DT6 3NZ UK

Check out www.galleryofsecrets.com for more details.

Gallery fo Secrets

"Courtney Davis' art work has become synonymous with the idea of Celtic art. His unique blend of decorative and visionary styles brings a freshness and clarity which appeals to a wide audience. Reflecting a deep knowledge and understanding of Celtic myth and the art it generated, his work is both moving and glorious by turns."

John Matthews: Author of 'The Encyclopaedia of Celtic Myth and Legend' and many other titles.

The Old Librarian by Myrea Pettit - A fantasy for the Book The Fairy Girls by Vicente Duque the original art is finely detailed in pen and colored pencil

The Old Librarian

This place is the Magic Library that was deep underground below ancient trees close to the Castle of the Fairies. The old Librarian is the keeper of secrets, communicated by the myriad of entwined roots, messages from above of all that is witnessed day and night. There in all weathers to share with birds and wild life, secrets meticulously recorded by the Librarian with fairy helpers who also studied in rooms dedicated to the magic of trees, flowers, herbs, mineral magic, especially crystals. The deepest were dedicated to Ancient History and Languages.

Guarded over by this old gentleman fairy, this was the oldest librarian, one thousand years old, and probably the oldest habitant of Fairyland one that had recorded so many events. The old little man never got out of the Library. One day the old Librarian told the fairy Queen that he had made an effort to live so many years in order to communicate his important knowledge and secrets to someone young, someone interested. Because knowledge is power, and to defend the fairies world, it was necessary that someone must study the hidden secrets for energy and pass that divine wisdom to those who are looking for spiritual understanding.

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Contact the Gallery of Secrets on: 01308 422727

Izumi Omori now at the Gallery of Secrets

Josephine Wall now at the Gallery of Secrets

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