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Myrea Pettit, UK flower, fairy and butterfly artists

Myrea Pettit in her StudioNew Item Myrea Pettit feature on "About Anglia" TV New Item

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Myrea's Galleries of
Fairy & Fantasy Art

My Name
(pronounced Maria)

A message
Master Chef Michel Roux
UK Artist Myrea Pettit
Elizabeth Jane Baldry and her lovely Fairy Harp with Myrea Pettit of Fairies WorldFascinated from my earliest memories of the world of fairies, of wondrous stories of my childhood, I tended not to over read the books I was gifted with, but be enchanted by the wonderful illustrations of Margaret Tarrant , Cicely Mary Barker, Rene Cloke and Arthur Rackham, and Ann Mari Sjögren.

It was Ann Mari's illustrations in her book 'A day in Fairyland' published in 1948 that held me spellbound, little did I know that I would find her in Sweden still illustrating books at the age of 84. Ann Mari recently wrote me a note. That is my very own fairy story.

I was greatly honored to have her contribute to a Fairy book that also featured my work 'The Art of Faery', published by Paper Tiger in September 2003, written by my mentor and Fairy Godfather for so many fairy artists who have never had their work published before, with a foreword by the genius of faeries, 'Brian Froud'

Alan Lee with Fairies World artist Myrea Pettit and EleanorThe success of that book was so amazing that in September 2005 Paper Tiger will publish another book 'The 'World of Faery' this time with a foreword by great illustrator Alan Lee. It is really the greatest honor that we Faery Artists have the support of Brian Froud and Alan Lee, it perpetuates their outstanding achievements in illustration and art since their own book Faeries was published in the 1970's and adds so much spiritual connection to our love of art.

I have met and made many new friends on the Internet including Jane Sullivan and her Fairy Fonts, Visionary Artist Marja Lee Kruÿt Marja Lee with a beautiful hand made exclusive doll crafted by Wendy Froudand Elizabeth Jane Baldry and her lovely Fairy Harp Music

I was born in 1970, one of three children, and my brother and sister and I were all encouraged to draw. We spent so many of our childhood hours when not doing our schoolwork, and every weekend, drawing and painting or colouring.

My sister and I were always looking for fairies and dressing up as fairies playing in what we believed were their hideaways in the quaint old village with its thatched cottages where we lived. Sadly losing my grandparents recently uncovered a treasure trove of my childhood drawings. I love the one I did for grannie when she had an operation on her toe!

We had this competitive nature, the three of us, each doing our best to produce better likenesses, particularly eyes, mushroom houses and rickety old beamed cottages. Our art flourished, my sister finally preferring to draw still life and animals, my brother studying and graduating in graphic design, his outstanding drawings produced with thousands of ink dots called pointillism.
(Some of their work can also be seen by clicking on the links at the bottom of this page)

Myrea, Brian Froud and Hazel Brown in Brian's home in Devon UK.So was I blessed as the only one who saw fairies? Maybe I was the only one who believed in them! For I have discovered since starting my web site two years ago a whole new world and meaning of faery which I had been unable to explain, and which thanks to Brian Froud and teddybear and faery artist Hazel Brown I now have had clearly explained to me.
Short extract of an interview with Brian Froud talking to Myrea Pettit
Brian Froud talking with Hazel Brown.
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A picture from Brian Froud

It is our own individual connection to nature, to the world about us and the world within us, which is a very personal individual journey. Whichever artist's name happens to be on the work, it is almost like we have to maintain the reverence and sacredness of the whole concept, which is something bigger than all of us. It is something that we as individuals can access and need to access at this time in the world. When you start to paint faeries you set off on the beginning of a spiritual journey.

My fairy drawings are my own inspiration, either created for poetry or storybooks or to inspire the imagination of children and adults.
For examples and further information see Sunflower Fairy
Subjects chosen have been selected to be published in books and used in magazines, for the Waterside Inn for Chef Michel Roux, on limited edition plates and fine china, place-mats, fine stationery and other decorative products and used world wide as friends for life as tattoos.

My interests centre around classical music, conservation of the environment and wildlife.

A true nature lover for the beauty and colours of the flowers, of all things small and delicate, I spend hours photographing or drawing from my experiences and travel to search for the hideaways of the little people and their friends and to show the world that such beauty is in the eye of the beholder and, like me if you really believe, then surely you too will see the fairies at the bottom of your garden.

Myrea Pettit Signature
The talents of Myrea together with the drawings and illustrative skills of her sister Michell and her brother Mark using pointillism (dot graphics) are available for companies and businesses worldwide.

The Artists of Fairies World® are Available for Commissions
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