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The American Indians

The roots of many American citizens are inherited from the the proud American Indians. Ostracised and outcast as many races have been over past centuries this new millennium embraces our heritage wherever that may have originated as nostalgically we search for our family histories, our ancestors and stories surrounding them and their folklore too. The coming of the internet has increased our awareness and ability to track and trace our family connections, long lost relations through the records available and brings a sense of togetherness understanding and a challenge to know our past. I invite you read on...

David Riche

Cindy Thorrington haggerty

My name is Cindy Thorrington Haggerty I am American Indian and I have a story to share with you. Story telling is something that is a very special part of our lives and this one is something that brings happiness to your hearts.

In the European Countries there are little magical beings called fairy and elves the folklore and traditions are passed down for centuries. Many have been copied in their own particular way into other younger countries like the United States.

What many do not know right here in the United States is that we do have a tradition and folklore of our own 'Little People' 'The American Indian Little People,' who traditions folklore and stories go back centuries before colonisation.

Our 'Little People' are similar to those you know of fairy and elves but I like to think of them a little bigger but not much. Some say that they are as big as up to your knees. Well, when I was little that was not very big. Another quality is that both male and female have long hair. Some say that they are dressed in American Indian clothing.

Little cherokee people

This is the story that was told long ago. I believe as we have progressed so have they. They can be dressed in anything. I think it is important that they are dressed for the time of where they are and that is in the Woods and The Caves and near all the earthy places you would think they would be, in the woods. I do believe them to take trips to town to play and bring mischief. So do not be surprised if you see one in your garden or in one of your plants if you are near the edge of town. I think they also get stuck in the delivery of plants and food as they were playing but I am sure they find their way home easy but not before creating havoc and having some real fun first.

Fairies Magic Oasissunflower maiden

Some say that they may only know of the Cherokee Little People but all tribes I would imagine know of these wonderful little magical creatures. Some of them have wings, some are black skins, some white, some golden brown as an American Indian, some speak American Indian and some English. Long hair always flowing and getting in their way has to be tied up or in braid or you will see it draping almost near the ground if not braided or pulled up.

The little people do not like to be bothered. They love to spend their time playing and dancing and singing songs of joy. They are big believers in what some of you call Karma. To them it is a flat out way of life. Do bad unto someone or something and you will get it back. Do good and you will receive goodness. They are protectors of the mother earth so watch out. As the story goes that if you lost something in the wood it is theirs. If you find it again and do not ask for it then they will throw rock at you and trip you terribly until you barely make out of the woods. I like to think that is their way of saying do not litter around our home as it is ours.

Earths New beginning

There are three groups of Little People, the Dogwood People, the Laurel People and the Rock People. In American Indian beliefs, we believe in Spirits somewhat like some of you believe in Angels.

We believe that all things contain spirits and are connected to the Earth and the Great One, so even an Angel is a Spirit. There are good Spirits and bad ones. There are Plant Spirits, Tree Spirits and Rock People, all very real and containing life, so keep watching in the trees and the flowers and you will see. Also have you ever had a rock talk to you and say please pick me up.... Well you see....

The Dogwood is a very beautiful tree. The Dogwood People are the ones that are the good ones always doing goodness, the Laurel People are the ones that play tricks and are very mischievous, they are humorous and very playful. Have you ever heard a child or a person laughing in their sleep well that is the Laurel People doing it.

Petal Party Spirit Dance

Now the Rock People they are ones to watch out for.
They are mean and they get even on people. So they would be the ones that throw rocks at you and trip you. You can count on many other things like a child getting lost in the woods or even you! Some stories have even said that they steal children.

I have not heard of that many times but I have read a story or two about it. So if you are off to the woods now that generations have passed I would advise you to be especially good in the woods and even take a gift to leave there as you do surely want to make it back.

Since Mother Earth is in such trouble that the woods are dwindling and there are some angry little people, I think it important that if you are in the USA that you show some sort of respect for the Earth while there. American Indians believe that if you take something from the earth you should always replace it with something. Never take more than you need. You are sure not to anger the Little People this way...

I hope you enjoyed my story about the American Indian Little People and I am sure you can find some stories on the web about them. One of my favorite is of the Deer Women. You need to watch out for her! Please allow into your heart the Little People and remember that it is the years of 2000's and you may not see a little person with feathers on them and lots of leather although some still dress traditional. I bet if you allow in your heart and soul you will see those little people you never knew where, but they are there and join in on their magic and goodness with them and sing songs in your heart. Kia Ann of the Dogwood Clan is Praying for you to know her and the Petal Party had began in Land of the American Indian Little People.

by Cindy Thorrington Haggerty (She who Smiles with her Eyes)

Websites of Artists with American Indian connections proud and supportive of the folklore and history of the United States before colonisation.

Cindy Thorrington Haggerty Gallery

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