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Myrea Pettit on the Fourth Plinth

Myrea on the Fourth Plinth

Hi I'm Myrea (pronounced Maria) I couldn't miss an opportunity to be who I am on the Fourth Plinth having been selected.

I have trod a fairy path since a small child, fairies were always my friends in a solitary childhood to play with and draw. I excelled at art in school but an unfortunate few years as a victim with a violent alcoholic partner left my world empty and helpless with two small children, my confidence and self-esteem destroyed. The long fight back could not have been achieved without the care of new friends in my life, deep relaxation and meditation with yoga, daily gym workouts, a diet of healthy food and seeing the light and love in my fairies and my art.

This last twelve years my fairies flowers and butterflies and even a dodo are known world wide through my Fairies World web site and illustrated in my books and many other books. I am passionate about conservation, saving the rain forests, endangered species, protecting the planet and giving children a future of beauty around them.

My hour on the plinth will be to give a message.

A MESSAGE of hope to others who may have had similar violent experiences being told how worthless they are, and to show that there is hope in a personal crisis, to encourage them to start believing in themselves.

A MESSAGE seen through the reflection in the eyes of a child who from her dull world has peered through trees and seen for the first time the light and energy of real fairies, because she believes. Here a Cinnamon guardian fairy protects an endangered species a Cinnamon humming bird in fantasy surroundings. The Child will take with her a lifetime of belief with this spiritual connection and becomes 'THE MESSENGER'

A MESSAGE of the importance of centuries of our British folklore and culture, our Celtic and Arthurian legend and our little people from this land of Albion. Our historical fairy tales, pictures, illustrations, music which Playwrights, Poets, Artists, and Composers before us have portrayed both dark and light, naughty and nice, spirits, sprites, elves, pixies, gnomes, goblins, fairies , mermaids and dragons and more, from a world of fantasy that has inspired the wider world to emulate our magical heritage.

A MESSAGE that at the start of the Third Millennium British Fairy and Fantasy art is stronger than ever before, with a world wide audience it deserves recognition from our mainstream art establishments in the same way that Queen Victoria's interest in fairies spurned a new generation of wonderful Victorian Artists, whose cherished pictures hang in these galleries, now is the time to take our message for our Fairy and fantasy art future and the lore of these magic isles.

A MESSAGE that this earth is precious, and all creatures and humankind on it are endangered including fairies too! MY symbol of a Child's Eyes reflecting and connecting to this earths energy is my interpretation of wonderment to be treasured protected, not wasted. 2001 was when "Field" Antony Gormley's 80,000 mud holes eyes filled me with earth's energy and then left me gasping at "Still" with the weakness of a single child ( a lead body case of his six day old daughter) alone in isolation. Both sculptures left a footprint in my mind of the helplessness of mankind.

My "Birth of Fairy" picture will be a MESSAGE for those that wonder where Fairies come from. Art is there to help change that and give hope for the future.

The Messenger © Myrea Pettit

THE MESSENGER is there to enlighten, to give comfort to the sick and elderly, help to those looking for a new direction and hope for the future of our children and the world they live in and to keep dancing into the Light.

For anyone wanting to know more I would recommend getting a copy of the quarterly Fairy and Enchantment , FAE Magazine, www.faemagazine.com.

My fairy dress has been designed Carri of The Dark Angel, Nelson, in New Zealand now there is a great coincidence with Trafalgar Square, www.thedarkangel.co.uk

I have too a Special Thank you for One and Other, the organisers of this Antony Gormley Project. My husband David unexpectedly had to have urgent open heart Surgery, a quadruple bypass on 17th August, two days before I should have been originally standing here on the 19 August. I had to reluctantly advise I could not take part with him in intensive care at the Harefield Hospital.Harefield Middlesex. With his operation a success his anesthetist suggested his daily walk in the hospital ground should pass the Sir Magdi Yacoub Institute, Heart Science Building where high on the roof an Antony Gormley statue proudly stands facing the heavens, aptly named 'Making Space' I thank the organisers for 'Making Space' again available to me, and 'To the Surgeons and Healing Angels with Light and Love at the Harefield Hospital for all the wonderful work they do to help others with Heart and Lung diseases especially Children suffering with Cystic Fibrosis.


Click here for a full hour long video of the Plinth.


At 17:11, 09 September 2009 Phil wrote:
you're probably already aware of this but still: the folklore of the British Isle far pre-dates Authurian legend and even the Celts. It is from the indigenous people of the land that we get the names 'Pixie' and 'Faery'. The 'Picts' were the original people of British soil and were reputd to have been so beautiful that they were known as the 'Fair Folk'. Having had populated the land long before the Druids chanted or others painted themselves in woad the 'Fair Folk' world underwent a significant change when the first invaders arrived from across the sea. Those first invaders quickly and easily established their new home on the Pict territories and claimed the land as their own (as the British have continued to do elsewhere since). For those first invaders their takeover must have been almost effortless as they met with no resistance whatsoever. The Picts,being a non-violent culture, chose not to fight the newcomers, preferring rather to simply return to the trees.
At 14:41, 08 September 2009 Karen Kay FAE Magazine wrote:
Well done Myrea! you look sooo beautiful standing there tall and proud - you are indeed a messenger of truth, light and beauty xxx
At 12:41, 08 September 2009 Eve wrote:
What you are doing is simply wonderful!!! Thank you!!!
At 12:28, 08 September 2009 Terrell Smith-Dorfeo wrote:
You did a great job and you look so beautiful! I told you that you would be wonderful! ;) 5 Starzzz
At 11:23, 08 September 2009 Liz Bolton wrote:
Hi Myrea, Having read your profile we have so much in common. My husband Stephan has 2 valve replacements, the 1st in 1993 when he was only 25 and again in 2002. He is fine now, but it was a terrible time. Keep on believing and being strong, the Fae are always with you. In my past I was in an abusive relationship which left me at my lowest point in my life. I live in Cornwall and am known as the Cornish Fairy. I will try to find you on Facebook through Karen. Sending you pink bubbles of love Liz xxx
At 10:40, 08 September 2009 Chris Thomas wrote:
Hi Myrea! Just admiring your lovely dress and wings os you are live on the plinth, you look great, making a statement with a bit of mystery by being there. If your children are approaching ten or older now, i thotoughly recommend Herbie Brennan's Books set in a faerie world.
At 09:53, 08 September 2009 Gay wrote:
we have always beleived in fairies standing on the fourth plinth and showing the world a glimps into your world of peace and contentment is what is needed in these troubled times
At 22:21, 07 September 2009 Sarah Foster wrote:
Sending Love and Light to you both X
At 20:37, 07 September 2009 angel holsten wrote:
dear myrea, it was good to read your profile. i'm very pleased to meet you. i went through the same sort of relationship & was left with 2 children on my own. i would really like to keep in touch with you & view your artwork. sincereley yours, angel
At 20:32, 07 September 2009 Sue Miller wrote:
So happy to see you... Take care... love, Sue Miller
At 15:46, 07 September 2009 Linda Varos wrote:
Myrea, Your passion, talent and beautiful heart are much endeared by many, including myself. I send you support in energy and intention from across the sea. Blessings and Love to you!
At 14:07, 07 September 2009 Linda Ravenscroft wrote:
Go make the Light brighter Myrea!!! We LOVE you!!! Hugz Linda, Viv and John
At 11:26, 07 September 2009 Buenaventura Negron Rivera de Braunstein wrote:
Dearest Myrea, I am out there with you in full force tomorrow!!!! Remember, if some strange lights are seen in beautiful colours while you are up there being the soul of wealth you are, then those colours are coming over the channel at high speed to you from me so that more harmony and hope is there for you and all. Darling, blow them off the street with your own statue of the ever alive and divine caring soul of Myrea !!!! 3x chapeau and away we go!!!! Love Buenaventura and also Konrad:-)!
At 10:23, 07 September 2009 deborah shepard wrote:
You are wounderful, and many prayers to David your husband. Angels sending prayers.healing with fairys love

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