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Paulina Cassidy

Fairy Artist, Myrea Pettit talks from the heart about her dear friend and fellow artist, Paulina Cassidy who is producing a new Tarot Deck..

Tarot Sun Card

Paulina Cassidy is my Earth sister - we are both butterfly dreamers. There are only a few days difference in our birthdays; she was born the same year in Canada and myself in the UK. We share a love of whimsical art, flowers and faeries and all that Mother Earth offers for a healthy organic lifestyle. Paulina, like me, believes in the power of good things through consistent hard work. Through our art we try to give pleasure to others, showing how our communication with the Faerie dimension will assist them to understand, enjoy and protect this wonderful earth. Later this year US games will publish a 78 card Tarot deck of Paulina's images. I know just how much time and effort goes into producing such a volume of creative and imaginative art. Paulina's work is amazing and I want to tell everyone about it so I asked Paulina what inspired her to create a fairy tarot deck.

She told me, "It had been a driving desire to flnally begin work on one, and knowledge that I could - with a lot of work - complete a full deck. I wanted to challenge myself with the creation of a 78-card tarot deck. I wanted to create a deck which came naturally for me - be it the appearance of faeries or any other enchanted being, the deck contains an array of charming 'visitors' who were willing to partake in this project."

It was refreshing to hear from Paulina how Fairies influence her life as I never cease to be amazed at our spiritual similarities that contribute to our approach to art.

Tarot Star Card

Paulina went on to tell me, "The spiritual side in general influences my art very much. The spiritual, most notably what we term as the paranormal, has always been a great interest of mine. Having grown up in a house where 'strange' things happened, my interest is accompanied by first-hand experience. With further research and additional expenences over the years, I believe there to be many layers of dimensions which interact with us. This includes the realm or dimensions of the Fae. The world of Faerie has been a bigger influence than I realised, even before I knew they were moving into my life at full throttle. It started with a little inkling of them, and then over a short time, my work was quickly evolving into something completely different to what I used to do. The Fae work in mysterious ways, I cannot really detemnine whether I'm influenced by the dark or the light in particular, as energy is neutral, and both dark and light exist in everything. I'm moved by a certain flavour or element of gloom or sadness, but the darkness found in this can be beautiful and intriguing, like a wild storm at night, or an old overgrown cemetery. It contrasts well with the light side of everything, and opens our eyes to the endless facets of our emotions and characteristics. On the whole, I am attracted to 'upward and onward' - in other words, constructiveness versus destructiveness, so my influences, whether perceived as dark or light, are that of a joyous, inspired nature which feeds my creative juices, whether it be found in a cemetery on a foggy evening, or in a sunny field of rabbits and wildflowers."

I wondered if Paulina felt similarities or had actually experienced seeing a fairy? "I have not yet seen them with the naked eye -I do sense their presence most times, both playful and serious, which moves me to be able to sit at the art table for a good length of time to 'translate' their message, and to allow the stream of creativity to manifest."

Clearly Paulina and I share the same metaphysical energies as we dance into light, and I can't wait for my own set of Paulina Cassidy Tarot Cards!

By Myrea Pettit

Paulina's Tarot Minor Arcana Gallery

Paulina's Tarot Major Arcana Gallery

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