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Queen Victoria’s Fairy

Queen Victoria and the Victorians loved Fairies so much so the Royal Yacht was named ‘Fairy’ , the love of the Fey became a craze for artists,authors, musicians, collectors, believers and seers for decades.

Royal yacht HMY ‘Fairy’
The iron screw yacht Fairy' was built at Blackwall by Ditchburn and Mare in 1844. It was launched and commissioned in 1845 and measured 146 feet in length by 21 feet in the beam with a tonnage of 312 burden. The 'Fairy' accompanied the 'Victoria and Albert' yacht on voyage and her first duty was to attend the Royal Yacht in Antwerp and take the Queen and Prince Albert on board for their cruise in the shallow waters of the Scheldt. It also sailed many times to Scotland during the summer months as well as conveying members of the Royal Family to and from Osborne House on the Isle of Wight. She was replaced by the 'Alberta' in 1863 and finally broken up in 1868.

The Royal Yacht Fairy of Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria's Royal Yacht 'Fairy'

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    […] Victoria who died in 1901 had encouraged artists and writers though her long reign with her belief in fairies. Christopher Howse of London’s Daily Telegraph has written a delightful article explainingĀ  […]

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