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Michael Ellis MP to end EMAG pensioner injustice

Fairies , Elves, gnomes and Pixies wave their wands for change as Michael Ellis prospective conservative candidate for Northampton North has pledged his support for EMAG to end the ten year injustice to pensioners of the Equitable life scandal. If Fairy tales can come true then he should get the votes to bring the badly needed change to our constituency in keeping with the rest of the country.

Vote for Michael Ellis

One Response to “Michael Ellis MP to end EMAG pensioner injustice”

  1. EMAG Says:

    Congratulations to Michael Ellis being elected as a Conservative Member for Parliament. The Equitable Life Pensioners and EMAG welcome the support of Michael Ellis MP who has pledged his support to see that justice will at last be done for the ten counts of malpractice outlined by the Parliamentary Ombudsman after a four year thorough investigation, totally stalled and sidelined by Gordon Brown and the Labor government and fudged by the Treasury.
    EMAG seek fair justice for the pensioners and the honoring of pledges by MP’s in the new parliament .

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