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Faeries, Forest and Firelight - Matthew Brackley©2010 Wiltshire UK

The coming of the night
Soft glow of gossamer wings
Dark shades of green
Of Faeries, forest and firelight

The dance at the end of twilight
Amongst the trees
Of Faerie song
Of forest and firelight

Golden flashes in the night
Of blue
Green and red
Amongst the trees
Of Faeries, forest and firelight

Faeries delight
Of embers
Soft and red
As they danced
In forest and firelight

Glitter bright
Amongst the trees
Of moonbeams
Silver star fire
Of Faeries and firelight

Whispering trees looked upon
In shades of green
Faeries   dance
In firelight
Of magical things seen
Magical colors shone

The coming of the dawn
Pink promise
Soft embers and firelight
Faded away
Faeries flew
and began another day

Matthew Brackley©2010 Wiltshire UK

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