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When Faeries Were Like Family - Dorothea Barth ©2017 Fallbrook CAL USA

July 9th, 2017

White-winged butterflies surround
Gliding guides, so pale and free
Bring back soft luminescent hours
When faeries were like family

Between the wonder and the woe
Amidst the love, the loss, the pain
Among the faeries we once knew
Arise the angels that sustain

by Dorothea Barth ©2017

Wherever You May See - Dorothea Barth ©2017 Fallbrook CAL USA

July 9th, 2017

The greens in golden bloom are clad
Flown by the faery’s wing
Wild poppies wave exuberance
Bright harbingers of spring

In distant lands tall tulips glow
Kaleidoscopic glee
The hopeful season celebrates
Wherever you may see

by Dorothea Barth © 2017

Snow Drop Fairy - Tracy R.Cardinet©2017 CAL USA

April 22nd, 2017

Your sweet and lovely Snow Drop
Has gone away to grace
The hillsides, up in Heaven
Putting smiles upon God’s face
A fairy and a fighter
A writer of sweet things
With family, right beside her
Such love a family brings
May tender words and memories
Of a life well-lived
Help to ease your heartache
Yet, never will it give
True heart compensation
For the sad goodbyes
Wistful celebration
As Snow Drop Fairy flies
I’m praying for Jo’s loved ones
I’m hoping that you’ll be

Blessed with only good thoughts

Of her memory


Bright Blessings and Love.

.” Snow Drop Fairy ” . 04-20-17 . t.r. cardinet ©

Do not disturb this little place Just look at the magic of their face their pointed ears and wings of lace. The fairies live quietly secure amongst themselves, in a World that's pure They know your mind, it won't deceive a fairy if you don't believe!  ‘The Fairy Place’, Joannda Riché

‘The Fairy Place’, Joannda Riché



Were I to Cease My Wandering - Dorothea Barth ©2017 Fallbrook CAL USA

March 13th, 2017

Amidst primary reds, emboldened blues
Where cannons roar, displaced coyotes cry
We praise the joyful purple, orange hues
Whose fragrance flirts with every passerby

Not quite complete the morning when we miss
These paths that change with wind and sun and dew
Each day new colors to unveil in bliss
The sweetened skies awash in fresh-born blue

Our friends the mallard ducks would miss our round
The squirrels’ day would surely be askew
The weasels wonder where we might be found
Were I to cease my wandering here with you

A misty decade spoke of earthly heaven
Reminds us now to savor sixty-seven

By Dorothea Barth ©2017

Prism - Tracy R.Cardinet©2016 CAL USA

November 1st, 2016

In burst of color, born of light

Romancing, dancing, brilliant, bright

Sun-children take their virgin flight

They wing and bring such pure delight


Roy G. Biv, he gives his all

To help them grace the floor, the wall

They skip, they flip, they never fall

Held in the sway of Mister Sol


Teeny genies, from crystal lair

Without agendas, without a care

From happenstance and magic, rare

They paint their colors everywhere


Fairy facets from the sun

They swirl and twirl for everyone

Folks partake in fairy fun

Fays dip and soar, ‘til day is done


When, at last, the stars do shine

The fairies fade, no longer mine

Yet I know that, somewhere in time

They’ll come back – those fays, divine


10-30-16 . t.r. cardinet ©

Suspended - Dorothea Barth ©2016 Fallbrook CAL USA

November 1st, 2016

The phoenix rose, the lark ascended
She hovers low, barely suspended
Not of the earth, not of the sky
No fish or mermaid gliding by

She reaches for another realm
To link with starfish, lark, or elm
With borrowed wing or root or fin
An end to hapless hovering

by Dorothea Barth ©2016

Not Just in Midsummer Found - Dorothea Barth ©2016 Fallbrook CAL USA

November 1st, 2016

Escape from winter-worn ennui
Into the forest did I flee
Upon a glistening glade I chanced
Amidst some evergreens I danced

And sideways from a spinning trance
Beheld a fairy audience
Magic dust and snow swirled round
Dreams not just in midsummer found

by Dorothea Barth ©2016

Dark Faeries - Dorothea Barth ©2016 Fallbrook CAL USA

November 1st, 2016

The crows seem to be scolding me
Cantankerous cacophony
Their caws and clicks drift far below
So scornful of my worldly woe

Abandoning such consternation
I witness now a celebration
Dark faeries at an autumn feast
Their joy in boisterous song released

by Dorothea Barth ©2016

Autumn Bliss - Tracy R.Cardinet©2016 CAL USA

October 1st, 2016

Fairy motes, in shaft of light

Swirl and dance with all their might

Golden warmth holds them aloft

I watch the show, as I so oft


Backlit by the morning sun

A brand-new day has just begun

Beyond the sill, soft and serene

A glimpse of morning, to be seen


In the yard, I spy the cat

Mischievous, imagine that

Plumping down, to claim his stake

Atop a pile, so nicely raked


I open window, call to him

He stares at me, with kitty grin

Shaking head, I laugh, give up

Then pad to kitchen for a cup


As I scoop the coffee out

I sniff the contents, look about

For my favorite coffee mug

The one I love to sip and hug


It’s kept my cold hands warm, for years

It’s like an old friend, chipped — but cheers

Especially on mornings, crisp

On autumn mornings, just like this


With mug in hand and sweater on

I step outside to greet the dawn

As I breathe in the lovely fall

The cat decides to heed my call


Back inside the cozy house

I settle in – cat chases mouse

Comfortable . . . now, nice and slow

Enjoy my coffee, as leaves go


 10-01-16  .  t.r. cardinet ©

Daydreams - Tracy R.Cardinet©2016 CAL USA

August 24th, 2016

Happy, little daydreams

Go skipping through my mind

Magical and fay dreams

Oh, dreams of every kind


Dreams so dandy, and so sweet

Like candy for the soul

I dream them up and, then, repeat

They never do grow old


And if, by chance, I run into

Someone in need of cheer

I share my daydreams, yes I do

Then make it crystal-clear


That they, in turn, must pass it on

To other souls, in need

Bright, soul-chain, from dusk ‘til dawn

That’s how daydreams proceed


“ Daydreams “  .  08-22-16  .  t.r. cardinet ©

Sweet Dream Fairy - S.K.Lindeman2016©NY USA

July 3rd, 2016
Sweet pea fairy
     Pea sweet dreams
          Sweet dream fairy
              Dream sweet pea.
Sweetpea Fairy

Sweetpea Fairy

Love you Forever

Love you Forever

Magic things - Tracy R.Cardinet©2016 CAL USA

May 31st, 2016

In the realm of magic things

Where dragons fly and men are kings

Where fairies play a regal part

Bestowing wisdom, to impart


Where Avalon, through misty veils

Alongside rough and sea-worn trails

Where knights traverse the stark terrain

In spite of snow or wind or rain


Where caves can soon become a home

For weary travelers, on their own

With fortune-seeking as their quest

Fair maidens at their bold behest


Where kings did seize the land to rule

Pendragon’s sire was not a fool

Dictates spun by Arthur’s scroll

Defending Camelot, his goal


Where wizardry was at the helm

Inside this dark, enchanting realm

Young squires’ desires were not for naught

In chainmail, they all bravely fought


Together with those knights and kings

In the realm of magic things


“ Magic Things “  .  05-10-16  .  t.r. cardinet ©

Fairy Tears - Tracy R.Cardinet©2016 CAL USA

May 31st, 2016

Fairy tears seldom appear

Unless the moon is waning

For fairies, it is crystal-clear

And doesn’t need explaining


In the clutch of tiny hearts

Where beating is not heard

This is where they fall apart

So as not to seem absurd


Most fairies weep, in their sleep

Soft petals for their pillows

A secret that they try to keep

From folks and weeping willows


For fairies know that, in the glow

Of moonlight’s silver beams

That they must go – fly to and fro

To sweeten children’s dreams


If a child awoke and found

Their special fairy weeping

They might be, then, to sadness bound

Rejecting thoughts of sleeping


Fairies are most-always cheerful

For, that is just their way

Seldom is a fairy fearful

Or sad or on display


They are born of light and love

To rise above the clatter

They flutter near, just above

To help with what’s the matter


On rare days, when fairies can’t

Hide their tears from you

They let them fall, in the dark

Then reappear as dew


Thus, even in their saddest times

Good fairies strive to be

The source of joy and happy climes

For all the world to see


“ Fairy Tears “  .  05-10-16  .  t.r. cardinet ©

Sylph - Tracy R.Cardinet©2016 CAL USA

March 31st, 2016

Spiraling sylph

Pilfers the blue

High overhead

Tranquil, the view


Wispy and wistful

Fistful of white

Angelic vapor

There to delight


Ephemeral friend

Making its home

One, with the wind

Gone with the gloam


Seek not a sylph

Lest you might be

Carried away



“ Sylph “  .  03-30-16  .  t.r. cardinet ©

Sylph©Myrea Pettit

Sylph©Myrea Pettit

Dawn’s Arrival - Tracy R.Cardinet©2006 CAL USA

March 15th, 2016


trailing dew drops across the lawn
imposing her smile upon everything
faerie rings and rainbows, borne of
morning mist; the ground, sun-kissed

there is no sound, no one around
‘cept creatures vying for one last wink
before Dawn, dressed in pink
paints blush upon sky’s cheek

speak not of twilight and fireflies
alas, day wants to feel lovely too
skies of blue with cotton candy
clouds amazing the crowds below

let God bestow upon us what He will
let us drink our fill, until the cup is dry
then, let us lie at the Master’s feet
with angels sweet, heralding in Dawn’s arrival
“ Dawn’s Arrival “ . t.r. cardinet 2006 ©

By FaerieofHeart

© 2006 FaerieofHeart (All rights reserved)