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TIA - 2014©Deborah Shepard Yelm USA

December 5th, 2014

Tia wished for her path , in flowery plume
Creatures crossed so fair
Her spirit essence played, for true love
Her sea winds carried each melody
Ireland legend curled clouds
Turreted her castle, as winged essence
No mortal shall leave elven world, heart called just one
She will know his butterfly spirit true
Journey on lovers beauty
Thy moon filled with briars, he climbed thistles
Twisting paths through encroaching ferns to the castle
Earthbound he remains to her heart soul
Thou he was tricked by legends death to toll
Silent throne as they enter such an affair
His heart Rhymer sang , Tia bewitched his heart
She took his love by trickery at nigh
Now with sweet airs, Faerie , kiss by her lie
When all is silent on snowy eves
They dance in hushed in land of enchantments lets believe!
Towards Blue moon held high
He forgives her as each star falters by
True love shall never die

Wings and Possibilities - Dorothea Barth ©2014 Fallbrook CAL USA

November 13th, 2014

The colors fade, the music stills
When fairies of the rose and fern
And angels of the sheltering wing
Our world-worn eyes cannot discern

Wings and possibilities
That soar above, enchant below
Delivered back to faithful few
With sight renewed to watch them glow


by Dorothea Barth ©2014

Dorothy Faerie4

Still Life Green - Dorothea Barth ©2014 Fallbrook CAL USA

November 13th, 2014


Reluctantly awakening

Unwilling and uncertain

I sense a sudden fluttering

Arising near the curtain



The finely painted faerie child

Still life green upon her flower

Stirs just enough to signal me

Rejoice, embrace the hour!



by Dorothea Barth ©2014

Fairy with Scars

October 15th, 2014

A fairy with scars

On her wings, in her heart

A fairy with scars

Always knows where to start


A fairy with scars

Having lived for awhile

A fairy with scars

Ever brave, with a smile


A fairy with scars

Understands why you cry

A fairy with scars

With a whisper, a sigh


A fairy with scars

Says the words, soft and sweet

A fairy with scars

Will oblige and repeat


A fairy with scars

Will not judge, will not scorn

A fairy with scars

Since the day she was born


“ Fairy with Scars “ . 02-17-14 . t.r. cardinet ©

Enchanting Things - Tracy R.Cardinet©2014 CAL USA

October 15th, 2014

September came, with gentle sigh

Seducing tranquil dragonfly

Upon my screen door, it did rest

So lovely, with its wings outstretched


Perhaps the coolness from within

Felt nice and, thereby, welcomed him

Making him forget the autumn

Like spring, it felt, from top to bottom


He stayed but for a little while

This dragon with no flame

I loved his beauty, loved his style

Was delighted that he came


Then, all at once, he was gone

Left no trace of his essence

Except that, which now lies upon

My heart, like effervescence


How long does a dragon live

A dragon with translucent wings

No matter – ‘twas a fairy gift

A wellspring of enchanting things


“Enchanting Things” . September 2, 2014 . t.r. cardinet ©

Magic In the Pumpkin Patch - Tracy R.Cardinet©2014 CAL USA

October 15th, 2014

A little fairy, meek and merry

Sheltered ‘neath a pumpkin leaf

I found her presence quite contrary

Clinging to my disbelief


For I had never seen a fairy

Except once, in picture book

The tiny creature did not tarry

Startled by my startled look


She lit out from beneath the leaf

Her wee wings all a’fluttering

Fleeing from the pumpkin patch

No sound at all, was uttering


I hesitated, but a second

Then followed where she flew

Enchanted by her sparkling lights

That glistened, like the dew


Happily, I stayed on the path

Her twinkling lit the way

Not flying very far, nor fast

Her movements seemed to say:


“Come on, now! Do come along!

You needn’t fuss nor worry

If you must, just sing a song

That might help you to hurry”


There are times when I feel lonely

Maybe she felt lonely too

Gladly I’d befriend her — if only

I could fly like fairies flew


Suddenly, and without warning

That fairy stopped, in mid-air

From above, she looked down, with love

My head tilted back, I just stared


Smiling at me, ever so sweetly

Her eyes were as blue as the sky

“I’m very glad you decided to meet me”

Her voice was so tiny and high


“You wanted to meet me?” I stammered

For a second, I thought I’d heard wrong

“Of course I did, silly! (she laughed then)

I’ve been waiting for you for so long!”


“In the pumpkin patch is where I first spied you

Every morning you’d come and you’d stay;

I thought you looked nice, all sugar-n-spice

So I hid ‘neath the leaves every day!”


“Oh” I said, my cheeks growing hot

“I didn’t know that you were there”

“I was there, but it was for naught”

She brushed back a wisp of red hair


“What do you mean?” I quickly inquired

Finding a seat on the ground

(she continued)

“I wanted to play, but then I’d get tired,

When I’d wake up, you weren’t around”


I watched her, as she neared me

Delicate, lovely, wee sprite

“I’m wondering, can you still hear me?”

I nodded and watched her alight


There on my knee, real as can be

She sat down – her hand cupped her chin

Confused and excited, completely delighted

I wondered just how to begin


That was two years ago, come this November

I remember our meeting so well

Now we’re best friends, fairy and I

Our story, I just love to tell




“ Magic In the Pumpkin Patch” . 09-15-14 . t.r. cardinet ©

Shari Fairy - Tracy R.Cardinet©2014 CAL USA

October 15th, 2014

It’s true, you are a fairy

I knew it when we met

You’ve such a calming presence

I never will forget


Your smile was so inviting

Your eyes looked that way too

To meet you was exciting

I found a friend, brand-new


You said you are a healer

Of this, I have no doubt

You have to be a feeler

To bring such things about


I sense, you feel things deeply

You feel them in your heart

Perhaps that’s why you travel

To keep your soul apart . . .


Apart from dull and mundane things

Which hinder your success

After all, one rarely sees

A fairy, in distress


You will find the means to go

To travel, here and there

To places old, to places new

To places everywhere


Quite soon, you’ll find a flower

With a tower, that’s just right

New petals will empower

And will sharpen your insight


After that, it won’t be long

You’ll find your wings and fly

Remembering that you are free

On earth, as in the sky


So, go on, Fairy – fly now

It’s okay, you can start

Worry’s over . . . time to fly

Your compass is your heart


“Shari Fairy” . September 11, 2014 . t.r. cardinet ©

Defy the Dullahan! - Theo J. van Joolen©2014 NY USA

October 15th, 2014

He just may come for me this dismal eve
His fiery eyes so penetrate my soul
I scoff at him with ne’er a due respect
And give him every chance to play his role

I creep too close to where he likes to roam
While, blindly, I set forth upon my path
Wreckless, unprepared, unplanned, and dim
My dreary haze may not survive his wrath!

Decapitated cutthroat, are you mine?
Am I to ride upon your coal black steed?
Accompany you into the unknown void
To your selection must I now accede?

Once spied upon, can no one start to FIGHT!?
Once splashed by unforgiving, icy blood!
Does your whip so lacerate resolve?
That nothing can prevent the deathly flood?

Well, I say NO to your determined plan!
I am not ready to assume your reins
Unseelie Fae, you may not take my hand!
For something in my better heart remains!

My damaged spirit does not fear the change
The banshees don’t command my mental strive
So, headless horseman, rear those evil hooves
For I am sure I’m very much alive!

O, Dullahan, reverse your dour tracks
I’m leery of your dull and vapid scheme
You may not hunt upon these fertile grounds
I’ll take control and manage my own dream!

Fuchsia Dancing Ladies - Dorothea Barth ©2014 Fallbrook CAL USA

August 29th, 2014


Fortunate the fairy

Who calls this flower home

Fuchsia dancing ladies

At play in fertile loam


Their gleeful floral spell spills forth

So all will dance along

And circling ’round in revelry

Become alive and strong

See Me Now - Dorothea Barth ©2014 Fallbrook CAL USA

August 29th, 2014



See me now or see me not

Such is the fairy’s way

We long to find them in the glen

To join their elfin play


While slyly hidden from our view

They teach us how to see

Kaleidoscopic colors

By offering nature’s key


And in the searching we begin

To drink the splendor that abounds

Each season’s cornucopia

The magic that surrounds


Effervescent Surge - Dorothea Barth ©2014 Fallbrook CAL USA

August 29th, 2014


Effervescent Surge



Tenacious twine that binds us

To our daily care

Of late has gone a-wandering

Is hardly even there


And spirits that eluded me

So suddenly emerge

Swift faeries with ethereal wings

An effervescent surge

Blue Fairy - 2014©Deborah Shepard Yelm USA

June 30th, 2014

Blue Fairy’s magic is  drawn by edged waning moon

Thundering clouds heard in the rafters

Crisp saddled morning brings tears to the young maiden

Her love is flames who spirit appears

Mystically tints each frog moon

Glowing gently in unabridged calm

Unique tailed sunsets, she can appear, the mermaid girl

Lost awaiting his human form, she to form the blue fairy

Surrounded in splendor life

She dries her tears by the waterfalls sadly

On the far edge reigns hidden images of he

Painted in wings of glory, their beautiful tender love story

She paints the doorway to their new being

Breath-taking captive in endless rivers flowing, soft slowing

She will wait each night for his wings to show

Each caressed door shall be their castle light

In Faerie Glade - John Bliven Morin © 2010 Hawaii USA

May 21st, 2014



Sun sinks quickly -

Red-yellow fellow -

Twilight spreads shade

Like a blanket,

Dotted and mottled,

In Faerie Glade.


Faeries on butterflies

Utter cries, flutter by,

On summer breeze,

Among the blossoms, 

So easily, teasily,

Of apple trees.


Pixies on fireflies,

Dashing and flashing,

On summer air;

Like flickering stars,

Wee lights in flight,



Gnomes on frog-steeds,

Giddily on water-lillies,

Race here and yond;

Dashing and splashing

Madly, pad to pad,

Across the pond.


Moon goddess sends

Gentle beams, dreams,

While magick ones play;

Mortals sleep deeply, unaware, 

Night features creatures

Immortal and fey.


Elven horns sounding,

Blowing, night’s going;

All creatures bade,

Time to go home!

Hide where you abide,

In Faerie Glade!


Copyright (C) 2010 by John Bliven Morin

Fairy Charity © Myrea Pettit

Fairy Charity © Myrea Pettit

Come to Life - Dorothea Barth ©2014 Fallbrook CAL USA

May 14th, 2014
Come to Life

Come to Life

The fairy in the flowerpot
That swings amidst the birch
Entices me to stay a while
Beneath her silver perch

Be at rest, she seems to sing
Abandon worldly strife
Absorb the summer magic
And see me come to life
by Dorothea Barth ©2014



Believe - S.K.Lindeman2014©NY USA

April 5th, 2014

The charm of a child
The wiles of the world
to innocently follow
in the wake of a pearl
dashed by a moment
deep in the sea
a mermaid releases
one onus

2014 ©

S.K. Lindeman

Sweet Pea Fairy

Sweet Pea Fairy