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Celebration - Tracy R.Cardinet©2018 CAL USA

April 27th, 2018

Morning brings the sunshine
Bright and golden-warm
Then we play — yes, all day
Until we’re weary, worn

Spring has butters nipping
And skipping through the sky
Bare toes we are dipping
Into the creek, not dry

At last, the snow is over
Air crisp and sparkling-bright
Now’s the time for clover
For trees, dappled by light

Mockingbird’s reluctant
To build himself a nest
Winter has been teasing
A mean and temperate test

Finally it is springtime
Lush and green rebirth
Smile and call out “Tea time!”
Let’s celebrate the Earth

“Celebration” 03-29-18 t.r. cardinet ©

Fairy Fluff - Tracy R.Cardinet©2018 CAL USA

April 23rd, 2018

Fairies here and fairies there
Fairies full of fairy fluff
In the heart, the art, the air
Never say enough’s enough

Fairies flounder, never, never
Winging in a steady motion
They can fly forever, ever
Over trees, the hills, the ocean

Fairies nibble fairy fodder
Wines from vines, and fairy cakes
Fairy sons and fairy daughters
Love to live by streams and lakes

Also, please, the fairy trees
Like swallows in a hollow
Great cathedrals for the bees
Is where the fairies follow

Fairies love to play all day
They love to play at night
Flying after firefly friends
They’re such a lovely sight

The only time a fairy sleeps
Is at the crack of dawn
And just before the gloaming creeps
With stars to wish upon

Always dream of merry fairies
Enchantment, never leave it
Fairies are as real as us
Just let your heart believe it

“Fairy Fluff” . 04-21-18 . t.r. cardinet ©

Springtime - Tracy R.Cardinet©2018 CAL USA

April 23rd, 2018

Fairies in the distance, winging
Bringing Spring our way
Can you hear them softly singing
At the dawn of day

Ah, the buds and tendrils greening
Preening like the birds
With sweet snowdrops, gently leaning
Too beautiful for words

In the shadows, in the hollows
Near the mossy places
Spring is getting close, it follows
See the pansies’ faces

The frost has lost its will to chill
With April showers sprinkling
Warm drops upon the window sill
Rain, on the rooftop, tinkling

Lacy fringes melted now
As Gaia has her say
Winter will return somehow
But that won’t be today

Springtime sun is oh-so-fun
Springtime petals too
Springtime’s good for everyone
The Earth, and me and you

“Springtime ” . 04-21-18 . t.r. cardinet ©

When Faeries Were Like Family - Dorothea Barth ©2017 Fallbrook CAL USA

November 14th, 2017

White-winged butterflies surround
Gliding guides, so pale and free
Bring back soft luminescent hours
When faeries were like family

Between the wonder and the woe
Amidst the love, the loss, the pain
Among the faeries we once knew
Arise the angels that sustain

by Dorothea Barth ©2017

Myrea Fairy - Tracy R.Cardinet©2017 CAL USA

October 24th, 2017

Maybe she’s an angel
and a fairy, all in one

Yes, her face reveals it,
with a smile bright as the sun

Remarkable, what she can do
with a canvas clean

Every time I view her work,
I want to dance and sing

After all the love she’s brought,
into this big, old world

I ask You, God to heal her, please
this lovely fairy girl

Her drawings are enchanting
her paintings quite divine

Oh how I’d love to do that too
with talent that’s all mine

Perhaps she studied, I don’t know
perhaps it is her gift

Each time, that I see her work
it gives my soul a lift

You never know, from day-to-day
what she’ll paint or draw

Over at dear Fairies World
you can see them all

Underneath shooting stars
and sun that is so bright

Fairies, that are flower friends
she paints, to my delight

Earnestly, she colors them
her fairies, one and all

Ever seeking to perfect her fairies
big or small

Lingers, as her fingers
hold the paintbrush, ever ready

Brush strokes of bright color
she applies them, with hands, steady

Easily and pleasingly,
she brings them all to life

Tackling canvas, magically,
there’s seldom any strife

There is very little that
this artist can’t achieve

Even poems, from strangers
help her mind’s eye to perceive

Round the bend, she has been
and sometimes needs reprieve

She herself, really
is a fairy, I believe

Over her small shoulder
her muse is looking on

Offering her services
from fairy dusk ’til dawn

Now it’s time to end this
I’ve stars to wish upon

“Myrea Fairy” . 10-22-17 t.r. cardinet ©

Shooting Star

Shooting Star

Rose Fairy

The Messenger


Teapot-Fairies©Myrea Pettit

Ann Mari’s bond and tribute to her fairy Myrea

It’s Them Above - Tracy R.Cardinet©2017 CAL USA

October 15th, 2017

If I could heal you with a hug
I’d pull you close, and then
I’d take away the fear and pain
So you’d be well again

If I could pray the perfect prayer
For God to intercede
I’d ask Him to be there for you
To give you what you need

If I could write a storybook
‘Bout fairies who could sing
I’d write a happy ending in
The hopes that it would bring

Happiness and healing, and a
Feeling so divine
So you would only feel the love
The sun would always shine

But I can only give my heart
Well-wishes for the best
And tell you just how much I care
With love and tenderness

In this life, there’s always pain
Dark clouds, on skies of blue
And yet, despite the tears and rain
A rainbow to imbue

I hope that you find comfort in
Past memories and love
And each time you wish on star
Believe it’s them, above

“It’s Them Above” 10-11-17 t.r. cardinet ©

Bless All - Tracy R.Cardinet©2017 CAL USA

October 15th, 2017

Bless all who share light with the world
They are fairies, every one
Angels too, for me and you
With smiles, warm as the sun

Bless all who talk to children and
Who listen to them too
Who offer love and kind advice
When they are feeling blue

Bless all who see the wonder in
The magic, big and small
Who nurture it, and help it grow
Then share it with us all

Bless all who hear the music sweet
With open hearts and ears
Who cultivate and, then, repeat
With healing love and tears

Bless all who take the gentle route
For they, no doubt, will find
The truth of what life’s all about
While being good and kind

Bless all who seek, to walk in love
Their journey may be long
Pray, by the grace of God, above
To keep them safe and strong

“Bless All” . 10-01-17 . t.r. cardinet ©

Fairy Fall - Tracy R.Cardinet©2017 CAL USA

October 15th, 2017

When a fairy falters
When a fairy falls
When a fairy bows her head
Behind green bower walls

When a fairy weeps, then
You will know it’s bad
Emotions, fairies keep in
You seldom see them sad

When a wooded playhouse
Becomes a place to hide
It, then, becomes a pray house
Where fairies may abide

Out of circulation
Fed by tender care
Fueled by inspiration
She lays her sad heart bare

Like nectar from a flower
The trees and birds and love
Happy in her bower
She counts the stars above

Soon she will be mended
Heart and wings and all, then
As if she had pretended
As if she’d never fallen

“Fairy Fall” . 09-13-17 . t.r. cardinet ©

Autumn Dreams - Tracy R.Cardinet©2017 CAL USA

October 15th, 2017

Secret dreams of Autumn
Sacred and surreal
Celebrate the moment
Of how it’s going to feel

When the summer sunshine
Recedes the heat, at dusk
Leaving crisp, cool evenings
Upon my skin, to touch

When the apples ripen
And the pumpkins too
I will find delight in
Harvest foods and moon

It may try to linger
That summer, with its heat
I will wag my finger
Put shoes upon my feet

Barefoot is no good for
Autumn’s morning chill
As the warblers lessen
‘Round my window sill

Autumn fairies call me
With their leafy crunch
Autumn soon will waken
I just have a hunch

“Autumn Dreams” . 09-04-17 . t.r. cardinet ©

When Faeries Were Like Family - Dorothea Barth ©2017 Fallbrook CAL USA

July 9th, 2017

White-winged butterflies surround
Gliding guides, so pale and free
Bring back soft luminescent hours
When faeries were like family

Between the wonder and the woe
Amidst the love, the loss, the pain
Among the faeries we once knew
Arise the angels that sustain

by Dorothea Barth ©2017

Wherever You May See - Dorothea Barth ©2017 Fallbrook CAL USA

July 9th, 2017

The greens in golden bloom are clad
Flown by the faery’s wing
Wild poppies wave exuberance
Bright harbingers of spring

In distant lands tall tulips glow
Kaleidoscopic glee
The hopeful season celebrates
Wherever you may see

by Dorothea Barth © 2017

Snow Drop Fairy - Tracy R.Cardinet©2017 CAL USA

April 22nd, 2017

Your sweet and lovely Snow Drop
Has gone away to grace
The hillsides, up in Heaven
Putting smiles upon God’s face
A fairy and a fighter
A writer of sweet things
With family, right beside her
Such love a family brings
May tender words and memories
Of a life well-lived
Help to ease your heartache
Yet, never will it give
True heart compensation
For the sad goodbyes
Wistful celebration
As Snow Drop Fairy flies
I’m praying for Jo’s loved ones
I’m hoping that you’ll be

Blessed with only good thoughts

Of her memory


Bright Blessings and Love.

.” Snow Drop Fairy ” . 04-20-17 . t.r. cardinet ©

Do not disturb this little place Just look at the magic of their face their pointed ears and wings of lace. The fairies live quietly secure amongst themselves, in a World that's pure They know your mind, it won't deceive a fairy if you don't believe!  ‘The Fairy Place’, Joannda Riché

‘The Fairy Place’, Joannda Riché



Were I to Cease My Wandering - Dorothea Barth ©2017 Fallbrook CAL USA

March 13th, 2017

Amidst primary reds, emboldened blues
Where cannons roar, displaced coyotes cry
We praise the joyful purple, orange hues
Whose fragrance flirts with every passerby

Not quite complete the morning when we miss
These paths that change with wind and sun and dew
Each day new colors to unveil in bliss
The sweetened skies awash in fresh-born blue

Our friends the mallard ducks would miss our round
The squirrels’ day would surely be askew
The weasels wonder where we might be found
Were I to cease my wandering here with you

A misty decade spoke of earthly heaven
Reminds us now to savor sixty-seven

By Dorothea Barth ©2017

Prism - Tracy R.Cardinet©2016 CAL USA

November 1st, 2016

In burst of color, born of light

Romancing, dancing, brilliant, bright

Sun-children take their virgin flight

They wing and bring such pure delight


Roy G. Biv, he gives his all

To help them grace the floor, the wall

They skip, they flip, they never fall

Held in the sway of Mister Sol


Teeny genies, from crystal lair

Without agendas, without a care

From happenstance and magic, rare

They paint their colors everywhere


Fairy facets from the sun

They swirl and twirl for everyone

Folks partake in fairy fun

Fays dip and soar, ‘til day is done


When, at last, the stars do shine

The fairies fade, no longer mine

Yet I know that, somewhere in time

They’ll come back – those fays, divine


10-30-16 . t.r. cardinet ©

Suspended - Dorothea Barth ©2016 Fallbrook CAL USA

November 1st, 2016

The phoenix rose, the lark ascended
She hovers low, barely suspended
Not of the earth, not of the sky
No fish or mermaid gliding by

She reaches for another realm
To link with starfish, lark, or elm
With borrowed wing or root or fin
An end to hapless hovering

by Dorothea Barth ©2016