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Whispers, Wisps and Wishes - Tracy R.Cardinet©2016 CAL USA

January 22nd, 2016

“The Whispers are coming!
The Whispers are coming!”
The turtle told the toad
“The Whispers are coming!
The Whispers are coming!
They’re flying up the road!”
The Whispers (or Wisps)
Adrift in the sky
The fluff of some lions
So dandy and spry
Abounding and sounding
Like silence with wings
Or moon on a still night
Surrounded by rings
Their dresses, like starbursts
So white and pristine
Strutting their beauty
They soar and careen
Sweet fairies of wishes
When given the chance
They thrill lads and misses
With their spritely dance
Late-spring and in summer
When hummers join in
Those hummers, like strummers
Make music for them
In the Order of Fairies
They’re low on the list
Glad life never varies
For they would be missed
Those Whispers
Those Whispers
Those wishes
Those Wisps
01-12-16 . t.r. cardinet (c)

Evermore - Tracy R.Cardinet©2015 CAL USA

January 22nd, 2016

Silken trails of light

Shine on forest floor

Moon’s glow is not bright

On path to Evermore


Harvest-plenty, there

Celebration grand

Flying through the air

Or walking hand-in-hand


All Hallows is nigh

When all will receive

Bright blessings, on high

On All Hallows Eve


Wee ones in masks

Exclaiming with glee

As grown-ups tend tasks

Beneath ancient tree


The fire is now lit

The feast may begin

Let everyone sit

Together again


With reverence and awe

Their heads, they do bow

They give thanks for all

The earth has endowed


Glasses, now tinkling

Voices, now merry

Bakers, now sprinkling

Sugar on berries


All is so festive

Beneath that old tree

Afterwards, restive

The kids want to flee


They run to each bower

They shout, “Trick or treat!”

Every good fairy

Gives sweet treats to eat


When the sun rises

When everyone’s spent

Through with surprises

All happy they went


They take to the path

Retracing their route

To home and to nap

Things to dream about


Until the next harvest

Until the next feast

Fairies, all star-kissed

To say the least


10-21-15  .  t.r. cardinet ©

Citrus Breezes, Blossoms Rare - Dorothea Barth ©2016 Fallbrook CAL USA

January 22nd, 2016

Citrus breezes, blossoms rare
Skirts that catch the swirling air
Nectar pure from Gaia’s gold
Vanished scenes in dreams unfold
When child and faery danced carefree
In cheerful camaraderie
Scarce knowing that this fragrant glee
Might not, would not always be
We wander now through worn terrain
To find the fae that may remain


by Dorothea Barth ©2016

The Wish - Dorothea Barth ©2015 Fallbrook CAL USA

January 22nd, 2016

Clad in holly berry red
From Yuletide stocking he emerged
Swooped and glided ‘cross the room
Atop a fragrant wreath he perched

Let me fulfill your wish, sang he
Be it fortune, fame, or mirth
And to the Christmas elf said I
Please sprinkle peace upon our Earth


by Dorothea Barth ©2015

Wishing - Dorothea Barth ©2015 Fallbrook CAL USA

October 8th, 2015

I cannot help but ponder
How fine to be so small
To dance so unencumbered
A lover to enthrall

But all this woeful wishing
A fairy queen to be
Despondently erases
The wonder that is me


by Dorothea Barth ©2015

Might You Be Seeking Magic? - Dorothea Barth ©2015 Fallbrook CAL USA

October 8th, 2015


Beneath the heron’s shadow
He spun a saucy spin
And though the fairy’s glow was dim
He grinned a mighty grin

Might you be seeking magic
He sang, feigning chagrin
If so, while on your journey
Don’t fail to look within!


by Dorothea Barth ©2015


By Wistful Recollection - Dorothea Barth ©2015 Fallbrook CAL USA

October 8th, 2015

The fairy of my fifth year
Was precious, bright and swift
Till toil and time’s erosion
Caused crystal lens to shift

Fresh freedom, mirthful magic
Devoid of doubt or fear
By wistful recollection
Will sometimes re-appear


by Dorothea Barth ©2015

Trust - Tracy R.Cardinet©2015 CAL USA

August 3rd, 2015

Hair spun from a magic loom

Golden, like the sun, in June

Shimmers silver, ‘neath the moon

Oh, to hear her weave a tune


Eyes like pools of azure sky

Lips, pursed in a lullaby

Silken wings, to help her fly

Demeanor, delicate and shy


Gown of mist, there is no thread

Girdled ‘round her waist and head

Roses, of the deepest red

Rubies from a flower bed


Tiny pearls swirl ‘round her toes

Around her wrists, do you suppose

Oysters, from their beds, arose

To die for her, a sweet repose


She walks the length of lonely beach

As though her wings cannot beseech

To make her fly, the sky, to reach

It feels as if her heart’s been leeched


Oh, who has harmed you, Fairy, fair

With golden sunlight in your hair

What must I do to show I care

If I had wings, I’d fly us there


There, where ocean meets the sky

Where you could sing your lullaby

Then, perhaps, in by-and-by

You might trust to tell me why


Why your wings droop at your side

Why, through mid-air, you don’t glide

Why your eyes, from mine, you hide

What sadness in you does abide


Lovely fairy, near the sea

Of mortals all, you can trust me

I don’t judge or laugh, with glee

When others share their pain with me


” Trust ” . 2010 . t.r. cardinet ©

What Fairies Like - Tracy R.Cardinet©2015 CAL USA

August 3rd, 2015

Fairies like to sparkle

Fairies like to shine

Fairies like to sing and dance

While drinking elderberry wine


Fairies like to dress up

In their finest things

Then traipse into the fairy glen

To make some fairy rings


Fairies like to daydream

Play tunes upon their pipe

While summoning a moonbeam

To bathe them with delight


Fairies like to feast on food

Which all have helped to gather

Fruits and nuts and all that’s good

Is mostly what they’d rather


Fairies like to fill the sky

When the night is new

Winging their way up so high

To give the stars their due


Fairies love their family

They love their friends so much

Their hearts rest deep within them

Where only love can touch


Fairies and their magic

Make the world a sweeter place

Help us overcome the tragic

Of this mixed-up human race


“ What Fairies Like “ . 08-02-15 . t.r. cardinet ©

Fairy stories by Cheryl Burrows (iii) - Cheryl Burrows 2015© Liverpool UK

June 25th, 2015

How Millie Moon Became The Farmers Best Friend.


Nature is so magical and most of it we don’t understand,

So I will let you into a secret, it’s the fairies that watch over the land,

They live so high up in the sky where nobody can see,

Watching over all the land looking after you and me.


“Cleo, please remove your clouds.” Asked Sally Sun one day,

“I am trying to shine so very hard, but the sky just looks so grey.

Please move to one side, let me through and I will make the sky clear,

It really is too early for you as summer is still here.”


“But I will be needed” replied Cleo Cloud “Autumn is on the way,

So I really need to practise making a dull and gloomy day.”

“But it is still the beginning of September ,” Sally Sun began to explain,

“We don’t want the people in the towns and villages below to complain.


You will have to find another time and practise another day,

Maybe nearer to Autumn then you won’t be in the way.”

Cleo gave it a little thought and agreed that Sally was right,

So she came up with another plan, she could practise through the night.


So the last few days of summer Sally shone warm and clear,

Gradually getting cooler as Autumn was getting near.

Then late one summer’s evening Cleo spread across the sky,

And when she was feeling comfortable she gave a contented sigh.


But the more contented Cleo felt the darker she became,

And sadly all the farmers down below really began to complain.

Because Cleo had not realised it was a busy time of year,

For all the farmers down below, as harvest time was here.


Farmer’s days are very long and they have to work through the night,

And right at this very moment, Cleo was blocking the moonlight.

The farmer’s were disappointed, they could not harvest their crop,

So they turned off all their machinery as their work had to stop.


Meanwhile Millie was crying “I can not find my way,

If Cleo Cloud does not move the farmer’s will have to harvest another day.”

Then all of a sudden Willy Wind appeared as he heard Millie cry,

He knew at once what the problem was, Cleo was blocking the sky.


“Do not worry” he told Millie “I will ask her to go,

Then the farmer’s can get back to work and you can start to glow.”

But Cleo was far too content, she really wanted to stay,

She still wanted to practise for a dull and gloomy day.


“Oh, just a little longer,” moaned Cleo “I want to get it right.”

“No” snapped Willy “During the winter you can cloud up every night,

But right now I must ask you to move, you must clear the way,

Then the farmer’s can continue to work before the light of day.”


But Cleo was not happy, she did not really want to go,

She was not really bothered about the farmers down below.

But Willy knew it was important, they had to have Millie’s moon light,

And he knew he had to move Cleo so Millie could shine bright.


“I am sorry Cleo, but I have been patient, I have asked you more than twice,

I will have to blow you out of the way, I know it is not very nice,

But the farmers job is important and Millie has work to do,

And neither can get their work done and it is all because of you.”


So Willy Wind took a deep breath and he began to blow,

And very quickly Cleo cleared and Millie began to glow.

The farmers turned on their machinery and continued to cut their crop,

“Now with any luck,” Willy said, “They will be able to cut the lot.”


Oh, thank you Willy,” said Millie Moon as she dried her eyes,

“I think I will work extra hard and give them a lovely surprise.”

Millie Moon shone her hardest, she shone as bright as could be,

And the farmers work was made easier now they all could see.


“This should be a special time, just for Millie Moon,

At the same time every year we will call you Harvest Moon.”

Everyone was happy and the farmers had cut their crops,

And Millie was the farmers best friend, they all agreed she was the TOPS.




Fairy stories by Cheryl Burrows (ii) - Cheryl Burrows 2015© Liverpool UK

June 25th, 2015

When Rachel Rain Did More Than Just Shower


We all know fairies are beautiful and also very clever,

Always looking after the land and taking care of the weather,

But sometimes they get very excited and don’t know where to stop,

And the Fairy Rachel Rain sent out too many drops.


“The flowers are looking so pretty,” Rachel Rain said to Billy Breeze,

“I really love this time of year after the winters long cold freeze.

Springtime is an important time in the towns and villages below,

And if it was not for my raindrops, the flowers would not grow.”


“Yes, but they also need lots of sunlight,” Billy said to Rachel Rain,

Thinking she was being unkind and perhaps a little bit vain.

“Well, I must be the most important, or I wouldn’t do April showers,

And I know for sure, if it wasn’t for my rain, there would not be any flowers.”


“Well, yes,” said Billy “I quite agree, your raindrops are important,

Because none of the flowers and trees would grow if they were never watered.

But the flowers need warmth and sunlight, so Sally Sun is needed too,

And together you do a very good job working the way you do.”


“Well, I think you are wrong” said Rachel “and I will prove to you I am right,

I will show you none of the flowers need the warmth or sunlight.

Sally Sun can take a holiday and this spring will be very wet,

My raindrops will fall everyday and be my busiest April yet.”


“I don’t think that is a good idea, you are not being very clever,

The people in the towns and villages below get fed up with wet weather.

They like to see the sunshine and the children like to play,

But when it rains,” Billy explained “they feel winter has not gone away.”


“The children love my puddles and I think you are being silly,

So leave me alone I have work to do.” Rachel snapped at Billy.

Then Rachel let her raindrops fall on the towns and villages below,

Hoping that all her raindrops would make the flowers grow.


Sally sent her sunbeams and shone with all her might,

She tried so very hard to make this April bright.

But Rachel kept on pouring down below,

Still hoping that all the water would make the flowers grow.


She would not look at Billy, she pretended Sally was not there,

She would not listen to anyone, as though she did not care.

Sally and Billy became frightened for the people down below,

Because along the roads and streets, they watched the water flow.


They could not see any people and no children came out to play,

They had to stay inside their homes and shut themselves away.

No land could be seen through water, it was beginning to look like a lake,

If only Rachel could see she had made a terrible mistake.


“That is it” said Sally “I have seen enough, Rachel must stop now,

I will have to make her listen, although I don’t know how.”

When suddenly across the sky came a beautiful coloured glow,

“I will help you Sally” said her friend Ruby Rainbow.


“You will have to shine brighter, shine as hard as you can,

Don’t worry” she said to Sally and Billy “I have a little plan.”

So Sally sent out her sunbeams and the sky became much lighter,

And the more Sally shone with her sunbeams, Ruby’s colours became brighter.


“What are you doing?” shouted Rachel “You are hurting my eyes.”

Then her raindrops stopped falling, to everyone’s surprise,

“I am busy with my raindrops for the towns and villages below,

To prove that it is my raindrops that make the flowers grow.”


“The only thing you are making grow are the rivers and the pools,

Now look Rachel, you really have been such a fool,

You thought you were being clever, but all you have been is vain,

So stop it now, this instant.” Ruby told Rachel Rain.


Rachel knew Ruby was right, she had been very silly

She felt embarrassed and cross with herself as she looked at Billy.

“I am sorry for the amount of rain I sent down below,

It was far too much water for anything to grow.”


Sally had many days of work and sent fairy sunbeams far and wide,

Working all the daylight hours, until the ground below had dried.

Ruby glowed over the peoples homes, her colours bright in the sky,

Too cheer up all the children while Sally made their gardens dry.


Billy explained to Rachel “The people rely on the weather,

We are all important in our own way, but we must all work together.

All of us are special, we are all good at what we do,

And to be able to work as a team is extra special too.”


Rachel agreed with Billy and next spring when it is time for showers,

She will work with Sally and Billy and there will be lots of lovely flowers.


Fairy stories by Cheryl Burrows - Cheryl Burrows 2015© Liverpool UK

June 25th, 2015

Ruby Rainbow Saves The Day


Rainbow Fairy 2014©Myrea Pettit


Up so high where no one can see live the fairies of the weather,

Sometimes working on their own and sometimes they work together,

The weather is different every day, but the fairies have their reasons,

They work so hard around the world to give four different seasons.


It was a very bright day in April and Fairy Sally sun hummed out loud,

She listened to the birds singing and watched the lambs skip around.

She noticed the grass getting greener and saw the trees with new buds,

And watched the people in the towns below take off their hats and gloves.


Spring had finally sprung after the long cold winter spell,

And as she looked all around her, everything looked well.

Daffodil’s stood tall and proud, bluebell’s blanketed the woods,

The gentle sounds of spring had arrived and things were looking good.


Then the fairies Rachel Rain and Cleo Cloud came along and sat close by,

And the three of them sat chatting quietly in the sky.

When suddenly the quietness broke and dogs began to bark,

The three of them looked down and saw some people running through the park.


The sound of engines began to roar and siren’s sounded loud,

And very soon people gathered into an extremely large crowd.

“What is happening?” Sally questioned “We will have to find out.

I will send some of my sunbeams to find out what this is about.”


So Sally gathered her sunbeams together and explained they needed to know,

What had happened to cause this commotion in the town below.

Her sunbeams were happy to help her, they wanted to do all they could,

But the news that they gathered together wasn’t sounding very good.


One of her sunbeams said “Oh, Sally, this is terrible and our news is rather shocking,

Some people are being chased down there as they have been caught robbing.”

Sally knew there was nothing they could do and found this very frustrating,

Because they knew this was very bad they spent their time concentrating.


They concentrated on where they ran, they watched everything they did,

They even knew when they disappeared because they had ran and hid.

The people below had no idea where the robbers had fled,

They looked down the streets and avenues and checked in peoples sheds.


“They are over there,” Sally shouted, “they are hiding behind that wall.”

But none of the people could hear her, none of them could hear her at all.

Then just as she was about to give up and wiping away a tear,

Ruby Rainbow came along “I am not sure but it’s worth a try, I think I have an idea.


You and Rachel Rain must work together as you know this makes me glow,

And we will try to catch these robbers in the town below.”

It was an important job they had to do as the robbers had stolen cash,

They needed to show the people below where they had hidden the stash.


So Sally Sun shone as hard as she could and Rachel rained all her drops down,

So as Ruby could glow with all her might to help the people in the town.

She concentrated very hard to make sure her colours could be seen by all,

Making sure her rainbow shone just above the wall.


The people became excited, they had never seen such a display,

What a clever idea from Ruby as she was pointing out the way.

Everyone began to rush over and the robbers were sent to jail,

All the people were so delighted, what a wonderful tale.


Because everyone knows whether young or old,

At the end of every rainbow is a pot of gold.

3a Pomona flying a kite over rainbow220-001

God’s Love - Tracy R.Cardinet©2015 CAL USA

May 13th, 2015

Wisp of light comes peeking through

Softest fronds, awash in dew

Velvet night must say adieu


All the earth is colored pink

As if with magic fairy ink

How the flowers rush to drink


Everything will have its fill

Each crocus and each daffodil

Just ask the preening whippoorwill


Dawn spreads out her gentle hands

Upon both near and distant lands

Each living thing, it understands


Light grows from pink to gold, and then

Lush, lovely green is seen again

Time for a new day to begin


May this day, alive with wonder

In spite of lightning, in spite of thunder

Bless all creatures living under

God’s love.


“ God’s Love “  .  04-28-15  .  t.r. cardinet ©

Twilight - Tracy R.Cardinet©2015 CAL USA

May 13th, 2015

Spilling stardust from out her bowl

She settles in to bring

Sweet twilight, to both young and old

Then sparkles everything


Her essence wrapped in colors, grand

Her smile, it does beguile

Though we can’t see, nor understand

She lingers there awhile


A part of God’s great canvas, blue

The sunset in her hair

She whispers, “This is all for you”

To mortals, unaware


Tomorrow evening, she’ll return

To tuck daytime in bed

Then all the wishes, on the stars

She’ll tuck inside her head


Remembering every word and wish

This angel, filled with love

Will place our wishes in her dish

To give to God, above


“Twilight”  .  04-14-15  .  t.r. cardinet ©

Fairies In My Garden - Cheryl Burrows 1996© Liverpool UK

May 8th, 2015

Fairies In My Garden

There were fairies in my garden when I was only three,
They were my very special friends and they would play with me,
Their hair were shades of golden brown, their wings were very bright,
And their dresses were so pretty and shimmered in the light.

Their homes were in the plant pots that leant against the shed,
They took in them the fallen leaves and used them for their beds,
They would laugh and dance to merry tunes as the birds sang in the trees,
And sometimes gentle music was made by the blowing of the breeze.

But then I grew a little older and found other friends to play
The fairies sat down and told me that they could no longer stay,
As another little girl needed them as she had no friends of her own,
So they kissed me on the forehead and flew to their new home.

Sadly I never saw them again but now my grandchild comes to play,
I watch her by the garden shed and think I can safely say,
That the fairies are there for her until she makes friends of her own,
Before they fly away again to find another needy home.


Cheryl Burrows 1996 ©