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Believe - S.K.Lindeman2014©NY USA

April 5th, 2014

The charm of a child
The wiles of the world
to innocently follow
in the wake of a pearl
dashed by a moment
deep in the sea
a mermaid releases
one onus

2014 ©

S.K. Lindeman

Sweet Pea Fairy

Sweet Pea Fairy

On Crinkled Blooms - : Dorothea Barth ©2014 Fallbrook CAL USA

April 5th, 2014

Like sunny eggs on wind afloat
Such pleasures they invite
The faeries find their bliss today
On crinkled blooms alight

Spring’s splendid exclamation
Observe the poppy fae
Delight in new beginnings
And cast our cares away!

By Dorothea Barth ©2014



The Teddy Bears’ Ball - John Bliven Morin © 2014 Hawaii USA

March 17th, 2014

The Teddy Bears’ Ball


I went to the teddy bear ball

There were teddy bears large and small

The fairies played tunes

On flutes and bassoons

And a fiddler from Cisalpine Gaul


There were brown bears and black ones

And surely no slack ones

Of pandas and polars

With bright, shiny molars

And even a duck with a quack


A koala sang tunes from down under

And then, to everyone’s wonder

He stole a big kiss

From a pretty young miss

But she didn’t mind his bold blunder


Before the next breaking of dawn

The fairies and music were gone

The festivities ended

And homeward they wended

To each’s sweet child, with a yawn


“ The Teddy Bears’ Ball “  .  03-16-14  .  John Bliven Morin ©

David’s darling fairies - Tracy R.Cardinet©2014 CAL USA

March 11th, 2014

David’s darling fairies

His daughters and his wife

Flitting here and flying there

And coloring his life


David’s darling fairies

So winsome and so fair

Ever faithful, at his side

Showing that they care


David’s darling fairies

One teeny fay, brand-new

Making fairies with her laugh

She’s Grandpa’s girl, it’s true


David’s darling fairies

How blessed he is to be

Surrounded by such loving hearts

For all the world to see


David’s darling fairies

So talented, each one

Wings or no, where’re they go

They bring along the sun


David’s darling fairies

How simple life can be

Love and laughter, ever after

For all eternity


“ David’s Darling Fairies “ . 03-11-14 . t.r. cardinet ©

David's Fairies

David’s Fairies

Mizpah - Jo Riché2014©Collection of Poems

March 2nd, 2014

All is quite in the fairy’s pond - 2014©Deborah Shepard Yelm USA

February 25th, 2014

All is quite in the fairy’s pond , each starlight ballerina in plight
Nights fully beauty seen at night
I shall create sculptural lights
Platinum designs just to the right

Hush little one away human child
Crafted in the middle of the forest mystical creatures dancing
Illuminate while each one is enchanted, piano keys play
Misty quite soft accents trail in each garden of spectacular auras

Flawless porcelain tranquil beaches in hemlock rain wash appears
Glittering waterfalls with roses blossoms is where we may be
Delicate ink blots of hummingbird teas
Floating in gossamer wings natures living lights show

Let the Angels Ask Me - S.K.Lindeman2014©NY USA

February 24th, 2014

Let the angels ask me
It is not too much
To feel their presence
In the wind
Their wings bear tenderness
No question is too telling
No answer is too far
For one who dwells
In truth
Shall know
See angels in the stars.

s.k. lindeman

Night with her Train of Stars

Night with her Train of Stars

Softly Flew a Fairy’s Dream - S.K.Lindeman2014©NY USA

January 21st, 2014

Softly flew
A fairy’s dream
Silver skies float
O’er the seas
Wind’s winged wonder
Orb’s golden reign
Touched by heaven
Gleaned by day.

S.K. Lindeman2014©

You Don’t Have to be a Christian to Love Christmas - John Bliven Morin © 2009 Hawaii USA

January 2nd, 2014

You don’t have to be a Christian to love Christmas,
It’s a festival for all the girls and boys;
Even Buddha, meditatin’ can hardly bear the waitin’
For jolly Santa and his bag of toys.

You don’t have to be a Christian to love Christmas,
It’s such fun to decorate the Christmas tree;
The Shinto in Japan and the kids of the Koran,
Their eyes light up when all the gifts they see.

You don’t have to be a Christian to love Christmas,
It’s a holiday for all the world to share;
The Druid and the Jain and the atheist down the lane
Are wrapping gifts for family everywhere.

You don’t have to be a Christian to love Christmas,
There’s a friendliness in everyone you meet;
The Hindu and the Wiccan can bake a sumptious chicken
And invite the Jewish family down the street!

Copyright (C) 2009 by John Bliven Morin


Finding the Faery’s Voice - Dorothea Barth ©2013 Fallbrook CAL USA

January 2nd, 2014
Rose Fairy

Rose Fairy

Where to find the faery’s voice
Amidst the clutter and the noise
A simple feat when we were young
And understood the faery tongue

Now when we wander in the wood
We bring along a simple flute
And hope our scattered notes ring sweet
So faeries flutter forth to greet

by Dorothea Barth ©2013

Fairy Sis - 2013©Deborah Shepard Yelm USA

January 2nd, 2014

Step in the Rose light
Luminous shutters fill the pearls carried from oceans
Luminous candles at each door
Hummingbirds etched across the fairy seas

Shine with me the love held treasured inside
Laced with rainbows memories
Traced with no labels
Radiance fairy’s sisters hearts can be seen

Come away ye human , each corner shared
Dancing in lost moonlight , calico winds
Blueberry azure lines across the seas
On the beaches no one own

2013©Deborah Shepard Yelm USA

Fairys DreamLover - 2013©Deborah Shepard Yelm USA

November 5th, 2013

Waking in your arms , ancient snow-drapes, back in time
Endless seashores , you call my heavenly name, my darling

Beyond the reaches of sands in jasmine light, caressed in red velvet awning
My longing eyes, see thee in prelim shadows

Beauty in my angels wings , he shall hold me close
To each brocade bell shall ring
To dusty mirror shedding my equine
Come what may , to my Rose lithe

Shall the mornings bring sweet treasures?
I am now in human form

Whilst thou break my heart?
All feathered brightest gemstones, Each waking part
Sacred reunion laced auras, I feel you, this I shall miss
Renaissance Fairy life, kiss

See the blue lighted halls, Do you remember my darling all of this?
It captures forever in my soul silvery kiss
Lyrics carry my forever love, Gems streamed in Aquaria
Romance ,laced with fairy moon dreams

2013©Deborah Shepard Yelm USA

Pearl, Pale Fairies - S.K.Lindeman2013©NY USA

October 18th, 2013

Pearl, pale butterfly
fly away,
Though suspended
for a moment,
Eternity’s prayer,
fleeting, feathering
Like a blossoming star,
distant in summer,
flowering the sky.

s.k. lindeman ©

On Fair Wings of a Fairy - S.K.Lindeman2013©NY USA

October 18th, 2013

On fair wings of a fairy
the world holds its weight,
The heavens beam glory,
her love elevates,
The load is light when
compassion connects,
Solar creations
illuminating sight.

s.k. lindeman©

Me and You - Author : Tracy R.Cardinet©2013 CAL USA

October 17th, 2013

Bring your teddy, little one

Come along, let’s have some fun

Hold the lantern way up high

We will show you, by-and-by


What it means to be a fairy

In the nighttime, it is very

Dark and lovely — stars, a’glowing

Fills your heart to overflowing


We, with lovely wings and things

Rejoice now, as a half moon sings

Lullabies for sleepy willows

For little ones, with heads on pillows


Ring around a rosy posy

Sit upon a toadstool, cozy

By the dim light, wings do glisten

Did you hear that — stop and listen


Hear it now – yes, that’s the song

Grab your pipe and play along

Oh, so you’ve no pipe, I see

Well, you just dance then, wild and free


Underneath a starlit sky

Watch us now, it’s time to fly

To the towers, past the gloaming

Higher, higher – now we’re roaming


Little one, with teddy, sweet

Your adventure, incomplete

I wish that you had wings and such

So you could sky dance, just like us


I will fix it – do come near

It’s ok, no need to fear

With my arms, I’ll hold you tight

So you may feel the thrill of flight


You and Teddy cling to me

A fairy trip, your destiny

Here we go . . . we’re soaring, soaring

Whoosh of wind . . . it’s roaring, roaring


Over rooftops, over bowers

Over trees and tallest flowers

Over here and over there

We’re flying, flying everywhere


What is this – is that you yawning

‘Tis hours ‘fore the sun is dawning

Ah, yes – I nearly did forget

You must be tired, you’re little yet


Teddy, too, looks kind of sleepy

All too soon, I think he will be

Happy to be back at home

In bed, within your arms, alone


I shall use some fairy dust

To help you get home, if I must

When you awake, we will be gone

We’ll be a dream you wished upon


Before my friends and I do fly

I kiss your cheek – goodbye, goodbye

A fairy kiss for Teddy too

Now close your eyes, forget you flew


Looking back on the wee child

The fairy and her friends all smiled

Then, with a sound like tinkling bells

They flew back to their fairy dells


Next morning, when the child awoke

She knew, before she even spoke

“Teddy Dear, we flew – we flew

We flew with fairies, me and you!”


“ Me and You “ . 10-17-13 . t.r. cardinet ©

Me and You

Me and You