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Myrea Fairy - Tracy R.Cardinet©2017 CAL USA

Maybe she’s an angel
and a fairy, all in one

Yes, her face reveals it,
with a smile bright as the sun

Remarkable, what she can do
with a canvas clean

Every time I view her work,
I want to dance and sing

After all the love she’s brought,
into this big, old world

I ask You, God to heal her, please
this lovely fairy girl

Her drawings are enchanting
her paintings quite divine

Oh how I’d love to do that too
with talent that’s all mine

Perhaps she studied, I don’t know
perhaps it is her gift

Each time, that I see her work
it gives my soul a lift

You never know, from day-to-day
what she’ll paint or draw

Over at dear Fairies World
you can see them all

Underneath shooting stars
and sun that is so bright

Fairies, that are flower friends
she paints, to my delight

Earnestly, she colors them
her fairies, one and all

Ever seeking to perfect her fairies
big or small

Lingers, as her fingers
hold the paintbrush, ever ready

Brush strokes of bright color
she applies them, with hands, steady

Easily and pleasingly,
she brings them all to life

Tackling canvas, magically,
there’s seldom any strife

There is very little that
this artist can’t achieve

Even poems, from strangers
help her mind’s eye to perceive

Round the bend, she has been
and sometimes needs reprieve

She herself, really
is a fairy, I believe

Over her small shoulder
her muse is looking on

Offering her services
from fairy dusk ’til dawn

Now it’s time to end this
I’ve stars to wish upon

“Myrea Fairy” . 10-22-17 t.r. cardinet ©

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Shooting Star

Rose Fairy

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Teapot-Fairies©Myrea Pettit

Ann Mari’s bond and tribute to her fairy Myrea

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