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Annabell-The Fairy that couldn’t fly - Brenda Ints 2008©Qld Australia

Down in a garden where fairies dwell,
Lived a fairy named Annabell.
But Annabell wasn’t like the rest’
Keeping in mind,she always did her best.
but try as she may,try as she might,Annabell never ever took flight.
She would sit under a bluebell and flutter her wings.
Always in wonder what each day would bring.
Will I truely be able to fly?
How will I know if don’t try.
As Annabell made her way to the top,
Hoping she wouldn’t come down with a flop.
she fluttered her wings, and took a step out.
Hoping no other fairies were about.
As she fluttered her wings and took to the air,
It wasn’t long, and she wasn’t there.
All the other fairies laughed until they cried.
Who ever heard of a fairy that couldn’t fly.
This made Annabell feel left out,
As she watched other fairies fly and dash about,
Why can’t I fly? she would say to herself.
None of them knew, how she really felt.
And then one day ,just out of the blue,
She fluttered her wings, and Annabell flew.
Flying and dashing all about,
Annabell finally worked it out.
To never give up, and to always try.
Now Annabell, truely can fly.

Brenda Margaret Ints 2008©Queensland Australia

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